Should young people be allowed to take part in protests?

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In the present day, anyone can protest. No age limit. But should there be one or could young minds be involved in changing the world?

No, they shouldn't be allowed to take part

No they should not be allowed to take part because at the moment they are only encouraging people to drop out of school to protest. We should be keeping children in schools as long as we can. Protests don't need children to get involved in as the protest may turn ugly. No children should be getting injured. My third reason is because if you encourage children to make their mark on the World/England we will have much, much more protests because they may feel this is the most effective way. The age limit should be 16, which is just before they go to university, because then they can decide what they want their life to go out for them.

Yes, they should be allowed to take part

I think young people should be allowed to take part because young children may have really, really good ideas how cities could be safer because they are deeply involved in society. They are trying to live safely as well so why shouldn't they speak up as well. Look at Greta Thunberg. A normal girl who saved the world by telling a simple fact that no-one noticed. She must of been very young when she first started protesting but now she is speaking in confrences all around the world. It took bravery but now everyone is trying their best

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