Should we protest

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Hello i am gracious_raisin and i am here to discuss we should we prostest

prostestng can lead to bad things and people can get arrested.

Sometimes people just cant contrel themselves and they burn peoples things and break things lime in the blm crisis people pulled down stautes. I think people should not protest because its not a good way to live but if it is like a silent protest then yes you should because it does not effect anyone or anything. So it depends on if it is a bad one it will most likly be on the news so then the world can know that it is wrong

Most of the time police are at protests if it is bad really bad

But if it is a silent protest you could just do that because it is just you sharing an opinon and it is not hurting anyone

what do you think should people protest?

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    08 Feb 2021

    Thank you for this opinion, gracious_raisin. What would someone who disagreed with you say?

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