Should we protest about climate change?


Should we protest about Climate change?

Many people have protested for different reasons like protesting for human rights,Black Lives Matter and climate change and I think we should care to talk about Climate Change;

Climate change has affected all of us in different was because now most animals are almost about to be extinct.

I believe that the government should enforce some small changes like having paper bags instead of plastic bags as they now go in the trash I think this because if we do nothing it’s not like mother nature can do all we should also care too as that more than 35,000,000 plastic waste enters the shore every single day.

Tigers are being hunted down for their unique patterns and it is estimated that there is only 3,900 tigers left you may be thinking that’s a lot but it’s not not.And according to a report released by TRAFFIC that it is an average of 124 tigers were killed each year starting between 2000-2018.

Deforeststation had a huge empact to the animals habitats because people are cutting down tree,and if we just carry on this there is no way that the animal is going to survive because once a animal looses it’s habitat there is a very low chance that it’s going to survive.

We should care about what actions we do;If we do small changes together we may be able to save the world as there is no planet b.

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  • Boutcher-logo-250x250.jpg marvellous_lemon | Boutcher C of E Primary School A
    04 Feb 2021

    Yes i agree climate change has affected us and animals dearly and if we don't take care of it and make small changes soon then we will surely lose our planet and as you said there is no planet b so we need to take action now.

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    1. Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg shining_journalist | Upton Cross Primary School
      marvellous_lemon's comment 07 Feb 2021

      Yes we need to do our part because we are more than capable to do our part.

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  • Hammond School logo loyal_cymbals | Hammond Junior School C
    08 Feb 2021

    Hello shining_journalist this is an interesting post you have done. I do think we should protest for climate change because there are innocent animals dieting everyday by our carelessness and laziness by not bothering to put some rubbish in the bin instead we just chuck it on the floor. This rubbish that we chucked on the floor eventually gets into the sea. Climate Change has been an ongoing problem for quite a while now but the only thing that has seemed to have happened is is cars and takeaways are using paper straws but this still isn’t really helping that’s only a few plastic straws there are so many other things that can kill the wild life in the sea like plastic bags and bottles. Many people care about Climate Change for example Greta Thunberg is a ver good role model. She sat outside the Swedish parliament every Friday and protested until the Swedish Government’s policies were inline with the Paris Climate agreement.
    Here are a few ways I think could help Climate Change.
    Instead of in supermarkets having boxes full of cereal have plastic boxes full and people come to the supermarket with a reusable plastic box and fill it up with cereal a bit like pick and mix but instead of sweets cereal.
    When going into Starbucks or something if you get a plastic cup you can take that to costa or Starbucks or any coffee shop and they can refill it for you every time you get a drink.
    This might be expensive but many people don’t like paper straws so if your one of those people it would be wise to get a pack of metal straws because you can just wash them and reuse them again.

    Thank you for reading

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      loyal_cymbals's comment 08 Feb 2021

      Creative ideas, loyal_cymbals! Have you seen examples of the supermarket suggestion anywhere yet?

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      1. Upton-Cross-logo-250x250.jpg shining_journalist | Upton Cross Primary School
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 08 Feb 2021

        Yes it has really creative ideas because this also means not only our government always has lots of examples we also have really great examples about climate change and how it is affecting all humans.

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