Should protesting have rules?

Protesting, in my opinion, should have rules and luckily it does!

Why does it have rules though?

It has rules because it can get out of hand and people can do things that are dangerous, irresponsible or worse, against the law! There is a protest called a riot which is a protest that includes people breaking or damaging property that isn't theirs or break the law as I explained before. A protest that happened recently was when supporters of Donald Trump protested about how they didn't want their government to be Joe Biden but Donald Trump. Some people also didn't like the way Joe Biden won. Soon that became a riot protest and a lady got shot and unfortunately died. This is just one of the many reasons protests should have rules.

What are the punishments around protesting?

Here as you would most probably know is that here protests are allowed! Unfortunately, in other areas, people are not allowed to protest. In North Korea, you could get killed if you protest against your government if you protest you are forced to do labour for some time!

If you used to think that we shouldn't have rules to protest think again. Don't take it for granted. Value that you are at least allowed to protest when other places get punished for it.

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