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Put these protests in order from MOST chance of working TO LEAST chance of working.

  • Extinction Rebellion
  • Protests in Chile
  • End SARS
  • Protests in Belarus
  • Black Lives Matter

You can recap them in session two here.


Read through this sheet which has lots of problems that could stop protests from working.

After you read each problem, think about whether to change the order you put the protests in for STEP 1.

challenge questions.JPG

Which of these do you think is the biggest problem for protest?


Play each of the character clips below. After you have listened to each one, try to give reasons why the character should join a protest. Then, try to give reasons why they shouldn't. You should try to use what you have heard about this character to tailor your reasons.

CHALLENGE: how could this character help a protest? What might happen if this character spoke up against a protest?


protest people.JPG

Over to you!

Head to the comments section below to share some of your thoughts on the activities and see what club members in other schools think.

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  • Hammond School logo reflective_artic_fox | Hammond Junior School C
    18 Jan 2021

    Step 1-
    MOST CHANCE OF WORKING––––End SARS–––Protests in Belarus–––––BLM–––––––Extinction rebellion–––––––Protests in Chile––––––––––LEAST CHANCE OF WORKING
    Step 2-
    ‘Is it fair to say that all police are good or all bad?’
    Answer: I don’t think that it is fair, since we definitely can’t say all police are good, since many bad ones have existed, those usually being the ones that kill or hurt protesters extremely. For example, the police brutality in Nigeria. However, there are some good police who actually do their job, and serve their country in a peaceful, patriotic way.
    ‘ Is it ever acceptable for protesters to break the law?’
    I think that that depends on how they are breaking the law. If they are resorting to violence, and fighting against the police and maybe government, then I don’t think that it is acceptable. However, if they were breaking the laws since the laws were exceedingly unfair, then yes. As long as the protesters protest with no violence and no one uses it against them, then probably it would be acceptable.
    ‘Is it responsible to protest during the pandemic?’
    I think that it isn’t responsible to protest during the pandemic, since many people could catch the virus, since they would be doing it in public, and there would be a huge risk of catching or spreading the virus. However, there are some types of protesting that aren’t very dangerous, such as boycotting or virtual activism.
    ‘Is it a good thing or a bad thing that protests get challenged by other ideas?’
    In my opinion, it would be both a good and a bad thing since if the protests are not good ones, then they would actually be able to think on their protest, and the counter-protest, and maybe protest on one that actually focuses on helping.

    Big problem Small problem
    –––-–––Police brutality–––Reputation–---Covid-19––––––––Different ideas––––––––––––

    Step 3-
    1. Lulu should join a protest because the protest could give her even more fame, and if its one that she actually supports, not one that just her fans do, then that would also be good since she would actually do what she wants to do.
    2. On contrary, she shouldn’t join a protest because then her fans could all stop
    supporting her if they don’t agree with the protests.
    3. Since Lulu is famous, if she supports a protest, then all the people that follow her would probably also join it, and that certain protest would have a motivation since their numbers would grow considerately and the change that they want would probably happen.
    4. If Lulu spoke against a protest, then it depends on how people view that same protest, since if it was one that everyone supported, she would probably herself be protested against. But, if it wasn’t actually helping to make a change, and not many people supported it, then for her it would be good, although not for the protesters.
    1. Mayor Benson should join a protest because then she could be a little more respected, as the protesters would be happy to have someone with so much authority.
    2. However, she shouldn’t join, as as she said, protestors interfere with other lives, and what would happen if her town sees her protesting and elects someone else?
    3. Mayor Benson could help a protest by influencing their aims, and as mayor she could maybe make the protest a reality.
    4. If Benson spoke against a protest, then she could lose her position as mayor, but also people who were supporting the protest could start using violence against her or her own supporters.
    1. Mr Norbert should join a protest since he would be able to express himself more openly, and his views on technology these days.
    2. Mr Norbert shouldn’t join a protest since he could go to jail or worse, and the protests on the news ‘look so violent’.
    3. Norbert could help a protest by joining it, and that way they would be up one more supporter, or he could actually start one himself.
    4. If Mr Norbert spoke out against a protest then he might be seriously injured by either the police, or the protesters, and he could be jailed since he did it in public, which would make more people see him and maybe believe him.
    1. If Andreas LeBeck joined a protest, then he could get even more famous, and more people would use his brand if they are helping him protest.
    2. In opposition, he shouldn’t join a protest, as the protesters might be fined, and he would lose money and also probably his reputation.
    3. LeBeck could help a protest since he might bring on more supporters with him, as apparently loads of people have heard of his company.
    4. If Andreas spoke out against a protest then he could have the support of maybe the government, if they are also trying to stop it, but then he would have lost the support of the protesters, which sometimes gather in large numbers.

    If I had to choose one of the people to support my protest, it would probably be the Mayor, as she would hold a position in which she could pass of laws which might help make to make the change that I would be protesting about.

    If I had to choose anyone in the entire world to support my team’s protest, I think that it would depend on the type of protest and what it would be about. This is because the protest could be a silent protest, and about BLM. In this case, It would probably be an example. What I mean by this is someone who is black, and proved to make history in a good way. But if it was virtual activism, and about Nigeria police brutality, then I might choose someone that had a position to call of the SARS, and maybe ironically arrest the police.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      reflective_artic_fox's comment 18 Jan 2021

      A very in depth response! At the end you mention it depends, and so who would you choose if it was a Black Lives Matter protest? Or one about climate change?

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      1. Hammond School logo reflective_artic_fox | Hammond Junior School C
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 19 Jan 2021

        If it was a Black lives Matter protest I might choose Barack Obhama, the former president. However, someone that would have been a good example could be Nelson Mandela, who was a scientist. However, he isn't really able to be there, since he died in 2013.
        For one about climate change, I might choose someone like Greta Thunberg, or someone that has been known to help tackle climate change. Here's is a BBC article on helping it:
        ( Sorry that this isn't related to protest I just thought it might help with the extinction rebellion).

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      2. New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg ethical_cliff | New Horizons Children's Academy
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 19 Jan 2021

        I would choose climate change because itwould help the planet last longer and no more animals would be endagered exept if people would try to harm them .

        Also ive got a question for you , If you saw someone trying to hurt an animal what would you do
        A, call the police ?
        B , Try to defend the animal ,or
        C, Call the fire brigade ,the police and the vets so they could make sure the animal is not harmes

        Thanks for reading !!!

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg ethical_cliff | New Horizons Children's Academy
    19 Jan 2021

    Also i would choose Mayor benson because if someone is a Mayor they can get their voices heard at a meeting

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg ethical_cliff | New Horizons Children's Academy
    19 Jan 2021 › newsround
    Greta Thunberg: Climate change activist's 'How dare you' message to world leaders - BBC

    Here is Gretas speech on climate change

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg decisive_redcurrant | Michael Faraday School
    19 Jan 2021

    Most chance of working would be
    End SARS
    Protests in Belarus
LeAst chance of working would be
    Extinction rebellion
    Protests in Chile
    I would say the End SARS protest has the most of working because
    As it stands now in African countries this protest has been one of the most important protest even though I might not come from the country that the protest started from Doesn’t mean I don’t support it.
    But the main reason why I think that that protest has the most chance of working because killing people is wrong and in that protest and lots of people have been killed The same thing as the BLM Protest. But I think that this protest is more important then the blm protest Just because the BLM protest has been going on for very long and it doesn’t look like the government of the country seems to want to make a change and black lives has mattered for a very long time but it seems that no one really cares about it therefore it’s not going to make a change or maybe.
    The reason I think that the protest in Chile isn’t that important is because
    1.It hasn’t been mentioned on the news that Much because I watch BBC News or sky News for example I don’t see any headline acts as a protest in Chile or anything to do Chile I have not heard it on the news before and I have not heard that come from someone before.
    2.It’s not really something that I would classify as a normal protest I would classify it as just like a protest at the angry about that they have a deep feeling unlike other protests that go on for years and years.

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  • Cheam Common logo pioneering_badger | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 Jan 2021

    Hello Burnet news club! My name is pioneering_badger.
    I have enjoyed listening to Lulu Starlight, Mayor Benson, Mr Norbert and Andreas Lebeck.
    Personally, I cannot choose one, therefore I am going to explain the good and bad qualities of each person,
    Lulu Starlight seemed convincing for me , though I am not sure That I would want her in my protest. She seems like a bold and brave girl but also seems to be a little selfish even though I understand that she doesn't want to loose her followers. I have wondered that if she was not involved in a protest for someone she knew, that person might not respect her anymore. To me, that is worse than loosing followers.
    Mayor Benson was pretty easy for me as It is quite surprisingly easy to understand what it would cost you to join a protest . Number 1. Your country/town/city may indeed be angry with you.
    Number 2. You might loose your place as mayor.
    Mr Norbert for me is very convincing. I would quite like to have him in a protest as he thinks he is too old. I think that it doesn't matter how old you are, what you look like, what your personality is like or how you do things. If you want to do it then do it.
    Andreas Lebeck was difficult for me. I don't think I would want him in a protest because he seems to think a lot about his company and not what is going on around him.

    So, now that I have explained the reasons, I have to choose which person I would want to be in a protest with. I think I would have Mr Norbert because he thinks he is too old to protest. I think that it doesn't matter how old you are.

    Thank's for reading! 🙂

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      pioneering_badger's comment 20 Jan 2021

      Well done for giving clear reasons for your opinions pioneering_badger! Which of these characters might be able to help a protest the most?

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        1. tom Tom @ the BNC
          pioneering_badger's comment 21 Jan 2021

          Can you say why?

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          1. Cheam Common logo pioneering_badger | Cheam Common Junior Academy
            Tom @ the BNC's comment 21 Jan 2021

            I thin because he likes to speak up in front of many people. I have discussed this matter with my dad last night and we agreed that, with the evidence of his voice note, he would care about a protest more than the other three.

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  • Cheam Common logo enterprising_lion | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 Jan 2021

    No, its is not responsible to protest in the pandemic because the NHS and the gov are trying to keep you safe and if you do a march and there are a lot of people you are risking your life and others lives.

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    1. St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg sensible_horse | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
      enterprising_lion's comment 21 Jan 2021

      i agree with you because with the pandemic around still when you protest you will spred COVID-19 into the air
      thank you for reading, 😘

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  • Cheam Common logo nice_lychee | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    20 Jan 2021

    For Mayor Benson I think that she should join a protest (as long as it is peaceful) because it might make more of a difference and she can show that she approves of people wanting to make a change. However, she might not join a protest because other people with greater power might disapprove of her fighting alongside people and not trying to stop the fuss.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg sensible_horse | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    21 Jan 2021


    i think that Lulu should protest for something because, then all of her fans will know her for who she really is even if they don't agree with her, but i think that she shouldn't protest because her col-lieges and fans might turn against her, and all of her hard work, wouldn't pay of so i think that it goes both ways. with Mayor Benson, if he does join a protest, it could also go both ways, for example; if he joins a protest, people might agree as well and join in, but people might disagree and not want him mayor anymore because of his decision.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg champion_aspect | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    21 Jan 2021

    I would help Mayor Benson because she would help protest but she doesn't want violence. If they say " look our mayor is blocking the road." Then people will think she is is a bad mayor and this would cause fights even war( but that rarely happens.) She doesn't want to make anystart arguments.Thats why I made made my choice on respecting her.

    thanks for reading yours,

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg willing_snail | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    21 Jan 2021

    Some people are trying to get Donald trump back because he was a nice guy and I want him to be president of the UK again and I wish he had more votes then joe bidden I don't think he is going to be a good president

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg humble_studio | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    21 Jan 2021

    HOW DOES A PROTEST START !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    So a protest starts as someone says there opinion and then someone will say well I don't agree with you because I
    don't like your opinion then what they do is start a massive lecture about how you shouldn't like that thing i am going to be writing a post and then i am going to write a story about a person that protested against pineapple on pizza

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  • Beaumont School logo sceptical_rainforest | Beaumont School
    21 Jan 2021

    Step 1)
    1. In order:
    Black Lives Matter
    Extinction Rebellion
    End SARS

    This is because some Black Lives Matter is a global thing, but the protests in Chile and Belarus are more national, and so would only have the support of part of their country.
    Step 2)
    1. I don't think it would ever be fair for the police to use force to stop rebellions, unless it is absolutely essential for the safety of others. I don't think that it is EVER ok for the police to kill people, as they are supposed to be keeping law and order, and killing protesters is breaking the law.
    I think that sometimes it is ok to break the law, but only if no-one is doing anything about your protesting and it doesn't put other people in danger.
    I think it is irresponsible to do any kind of protesting which is in big groups. However, boycotting, silent protests and virtual protests don't put anyone in danger in terms of Covid-19.
    I think that different ideas are good for protests because it challenges people to think about exactly why you are doing it and what effect it will have on the country.
    I think the biggest problem is reputation because in order for your protest to be successful, you need supporters. If you have a bad reputation, then no-one will support you.
    Step 3)
    1. Why Lulu should:
    She is famous and popular
    Lots of people like her
    These are reasons because people often look up to celebrities and will follow her lead, which would get you more supporters.
    Why Lulu shouldn’t:
    She seems to be self-obsessed and cares too much about her followers. I think she is a risk to your protest because if she joined but then realised she was losing followers, she might leave and then others would copy her and leave too.
    2. Why Mayor Benson should:
    She is a role model too the rest of the city so many people would follow her lead
    She could have a big influence on the city
    She could change things in her city to make it fair
    Why Mayor Benson shouldn’t:
    Because people might think she is being biased and might protest and even riot against her
    3. Why Mr Norbert should:
    He likes to speak up
    There are many things he disagrees with
    Why Mr Norbert shouldn’t:
    He thinks protests are dangerous
    This is a reason because you wouldn’t want to put him in an uncomfortable position
    4. Why Andreas Lebeck should:
    He is very rich - could influence people
    Why Andreas Lebeck shouldn’t:
    He seems to care too much about his work

    If Mayor Benson, Lulu Starlight or Andreas Lebeck spoke against a protest, it could influence other people to leave because they are quite famous and people often think that if you are rich and famous, you are smarter and know what is the right thing to do.

    Step 4)
    I wouldn’t want any of them joining my protest because they could all seem unsure and so could change their minds very easily, which might make other people more likely to leave too.

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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg aware_rabbit | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    21 Jan 2021

    Step 1-
    .End SARS
    .Protests in Belarus
    .Black Lives Matter
    .Extinction Rebellion
    .Protests in Chile

    1. Police are not bad in my case because the do what is right and stop people from doing crime . The people that protest will be hurt because in some countries protest is banned. Some people think that police are bad becuse they harm people and also kill .Police have been trying to encourage people to follow the law and the public health message, and they can break up gatherings. Before Mr. Floyd's death, this tended to mean officers directing large parties to stop and ordering people to go home - such as with this rave in the West Midlands last month.

    2. There are loads of examples of protest like Donald Trump losing the election:Donald Trump declared victory in the early morning hours of 9 November 2016 while gripping a lectern inside a Hilton Hotel in Manhattan, blocks from his Fifth Avenue penthouse. Hours later, anti-Trump demonstrations had erupted across the US.

    At his inauguration on 20 January 2017, then president-elect Trump’s motorcade and the streets of Washington DC faced a massive protest drawing a line against his demagoguery and agenda with a warning to the nation about the nascent fascism that would follow.

    Disrupt J20, or J20, sought to bring “widespread civil resistance” to Washington, with permitted protests, sit-ins blocking intersections and anti-capitalist marches to mark Mr Trump’s first day in office, with demonstrations harnessing a “force that can have an impact on Trump’s ability to claim a mandate, setting a tone of resistance for the coming years”, its organisers said at the time.

    More than 200 protesters, journalists, medics and legal observers were arrested in Washington DC alone, not counting the dozens of arrests during simultaneous demonstrations in cities across the US – seven people outside of Trump Tower in New York, 16 in Chicago, 15 in New Orleans, six in Seattle, and so on.

    3.Hundreds of thousands of people have protested against issues ranging from racism and corruption, to disputed exam and election results. But 2020 has also been different from previous years for one obvious reason - the protests have been held at a time of a global pandemic.

    In many places, large gatherings, including protests, have been banned and people have been arrested, accused of breaking lockdown rules at demonstrations.

    Meanwhile, others have opted not to take part in protests because of fears they could catch or spread coronavirus. We spoke to activists about the ways they have tried to protest responsibly and the difficulties they have faced. Experts say the more people who come together at big gatherings, and the longer they are together, the higher the risk. If protesters travel from outside the local area, and if people can't socially distance when they are there, that increases the risk further.

    4. Big - small problems
    Covid-19 Reputation police brutalities Different ideas


    Lulu Starlight should not join a protest because it could be dangerous for a person that has so many fans. She could be fined hurt or killed, so I think that she should not protest with other people.

    Mayor Benson, should also not protest because she is a mayor, I have never herd on the News that a mayor or a government protest, the could be embarrassed in front of over 100 people. If the mayor was taken to prison or hurt or even killed that would be a big mistake.
    Mr. Norbert should absolutely not join a protest because he is very old. This could very easily lead him to death. If he
    was going to, it could half work and he would still be unhurt and secure but if the protesters were using bombs as their user it can lead to certain death.

    If Andreas LeBeck did a protest he could lose his job and he could be with loads of poor people that found it ok to protest. I would make him look different and silly.

    Thank you for reading!!!

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg comfortable_chemistry | Michael Faraday School
    21 Jan 2021

    Step 1 -
    Put these protests in order from MOST chance of working TO LEAST chance of working.
    End SARS --- Protests in Belarus --- BLM --- Extinction rebellion --- Protests in Chile

    Step 2 -
    'Is it fair to say that all police are good or bad?'
    It's not fair to say either one because we can't generalise a whole group based on the actions of some who did wrong. I think there are good officers who want to protect and help people, but there are also officers who abuse their power to hurt others, hence the term 'police brutality'. Instead of thinking all police officers are the same, we should only judge them as individuals based on their own actions.
    'Is it ever acceptable for protesters to break the law?'
    It depends on that country's laws because some countries penalise people for trying to voice their opinion. I think the only time where it is acceptable is when there is great inequality occurring and the people are not given human rights.
    'It is responsible to protest during a pandemic?'
    It is not responsible to protest during a pandemic because it could spread even more. It would be better and safer to take part in virtual protests or boycotts, ensuring we're all safe.
    ‘Is it a good thing or a bad thing that protests get challenged by other ideas?’
    It can go both ways because some protests can have a sensible way of approaching opposing views, but other protests can turn to violence. When a protest get challenged by other ideas, it should be a way to educate instead of creating more tension.

    Which of these do you think is the biggest problem for protest?
    (Biggest Problem - Smaller Problem)
    Police brutality --- Reputation --- Covid-19 --- Different ideas

    Step Three -
    Lulu Starlight should protest because she has many fans and it will be an opportunity to educate them on the cause, possibly even deciding to support it. On the other hand, she shouldn't join a protest as it risks her reputation from being damaged if people disagree. As her job is based around the support from fans, she can't risk to have them go against her.
    Mayor Bensen should protest as she can bring the issue to other MPs to try to find a solution. However she shouldn't join a protest because if they get violent, she will be associated with it. As a result, people may misunderstand and think she joined in with the violence happening.
    Mr Norbert shouldn't join a protest, because he voiced his concerns on the fact it may not be a safe environment for him due to his old age. On the contrary, he should join a protest as most of them are peaceful. They come across as dangerous as the media only wants to show the bad side. This is because negative news usually catches people's attention more than positive news.
    Andreas Lebeck should not join a protest because he represents the company and it will put it at risk. If he doesn't join, he will get hated on for not using his platform to speak on the issues. However, if he joins there's a chance people may say he is just trying to make the brand look good. He can't please all people with either choice. This will cause people to boycott and not only will he suffer, his employees will too.
    The person I would choose to support my protest is the Mayor because she has the highest position and power to change laws. It would also be easier for her to voice her concerns to Parliament as she is an MP, whereas to bring issues to the government you have to start a petition and have it reach 10,000 signatures.


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  • St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg humble_studio | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
    22 Jan 2021

    There will be 3 options for mr norbot bad reasons why he should not start a protest or get stuck in a protest
    1.because hes old
    2.its possible he could die
    3.he doesn’t like protesting
    Tick ✅ 2
    Please choose

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      humble_studio's comment 22 Jan 2021

      What question are you asking for people to choose, humble_studio?

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      1. St-Gregorys-logo-250x250.jpg humble_studio | St Gregory's Catholic Primary School
        Katie @ the BNC's comment 22 Jan 2021

        You can pick one that you think he cant protest .

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  • Cheam Common logo clever_forest | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    22 Jan 2021

    Clever_forest here,
    I think that Mr Norbert should protest the most because Lulu has a role of being a popstar and entertaining fans , Mayor Benson has a important role to keep the city controlled and finally Andreas Lebeck has a role to handle his money. Mr Norbert doesn't have a role and just because your old doesn't mean that you could still protest. You are never too old to protest. The best protest for him is marching or silent protest. I think this because marching is basically walking which old people can do and silent protest is basically protesting but being silence at the same time.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      clever_forest's comment 22 Jan 2021

      Do you think that people "with a role" should not protest, clever_forest?

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  • Hammond School logo best_eagle | Hammond Junior School F
    24 Jan 2021

    To support any protest or cause, I would choose someone with high popularity online because it would reach a really wide audience. For example, a successful YouTuber.

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  • Hammond School logo best_eagle | Hammond Junior School F
    24 Jan 2021

    David Attenborough is a great choice to support climate change as he is well respected in this area with his film-making and has such a massive influence on people’s opinions. In fact, he is involved and is actively seeking to change the world in this way already!

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  • New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg modest_river | New Horizons Children's Academy
    26 Jan 2021

    Lulu Starlight should join a protest because since she has loads of fans, when she protests, they'll want to protest too and they'll agree with her. She also shouldn't join a protest because if her fans don't agree with what she is protesting for, then she'll lose all of her fame and fans. Mayor Benson should protest because then she can gain more respect and trust and it will also show that she cares but she also shouldn't protest because if it has effects other people's lives, then no one will lose her voters as they wouldn't want someone who protests by blocking roads, to be their mayor because she would be setting a bad example. Mr Norbert shouldn't join a protest because he is old now and he has already spread his word, instead he should make awareness adverts or videos. Andreas Labeck should join a protest because it shows he care and is aware of the situation plus it can bring more supporters along with him.

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      modest_river's comment 26 Jan 2021

      Excellent problem-solving shown here in your evaluation. Well done! Which person would you like to join a protest you were part of? Who would be most useful to have on your side?

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      1. New-Horizons-logo-250x250.jpg modest_river | New Horizons Children's Academy
        Olivia @ the BNC's comment 29 Jan 2021

        I would choose Mayor Benson because if she really cares then her being a Mayor and protesting doesn't matter but at the same time she also has the power to change what is wrong, so she would definitely be the most useful out of the four.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School assertive_boysenberry | Lyons Hall Primary School D
    26 Jan 2021

    If I had to choose one person in the world to join the Black Lives Matter protest it would be Barack or Michelle Obama because they are well respected across the world by people of all races.

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    27 Jan 2021

    Step 1:

    MOST CHANCE OF WORKING---End SARS---Protests in Belarus---BLM---Extinction Rebellion---Protests in Chile---LEAST CHANCE OF WORKING

    Step 2:

    BIGGEST PROBLEM FOR PROTEST---Problem #1---Problem #4---Problem #3---Problem #2---LEAST BIGGEST PROBLEM FOR PROTEST

    My reasons -
    I think the biggest problem for protest is Problem #1: Police Brutality. I believe this because police brutality can KILL (or hurt) protesters. If they killed ALL the protesters, who would protest? Protests would be smaller, as they would contain less people and THAT IS JUST WRONG. It was hard choosing between Problem #4: Different Ideas and Problem #3: Covid-19, but in the end I chose Problem #4 because not ALL protests are against Lockdown rules and all. Only really marchs, if you think about the different types of protests, and maybe sometimes riots. It can get very overwhelming with loads of people protesting AGAINST you, and tough to carry on with YOUR protest, and could even get violent.

    Step 3:

    Lulu Starlight-

    1. Reasons why Lulu Starlight SHOULD join a protest= If her fans agree with the cause for the protest, they could like her more, or she could gather MORE fans from that. And she can be helping towards a cause she likes.
    2. Reasons why Lulu Starlight SHOULDN'T join a protest= On the other hand, it could have an opposite effect on her fans, they could turn on her.
    ⭐️ Challenge: If Miss (/Mrs/Ms). Starlight was to join a protest, it could help the protest by encouraging more news journalists to report it, making it more heard about. If Lulu protested AGAINST a protest, again it would get more heard than if a normal (by that I mean not famous) person were to protest against a protest, and it might make the protest less agreed with, and more agreeing with her.

    Mayor Benson-

    1. Reasons why Mayor Benson SHOULD join a protest= As a Mayor, Mayor Benson will have a lot of publicity and power, similar to Lulu Starlight. She can easily get herself heard and, with similar reasons as Lulu, could get more admirers depending on their thoughts on the cause she is protesting for.
    2. Reasons why Mayor Benson SHOULDN'T join a protest= People could disagree with the cause, and she might cause MORE happenings in the way of people's lives.
    ⭐️ Challenge: If Mayor Benson was to join a protest it would help the protest's publicity and the Mayor might have enough power to make whatever the protesters are protesting for happen, if of course it wasn't too big e.g. She can't stop all the racism in the world.

    Mr Norbert-

    1. Reasons why Mr Norbert SHOULD join a protest= It's not just young people that protest, if Tom was to join a protest for the cause 'It's not just young people that protest!' (I don't think that's a real protest cause though), it would make a great impression on the message the protest was getting out there.
    2. Reasons why Mr Norbert SHOULDN'T join a protest= Mr Norbert shouldn't join a protest as, at his old age (sorry that sounds quite rude, even though he isn't a real person), it could be very dangerous if it was a march or riot protest, or even a peaceful protest could get violent and out of hand. He could be in grave danger.
    ⭐️ Challenge: If Thomas Norbert was to join a protest it wouldn't make a big difference to the protest's publicity, unlike with our first two characters. Tom is just a usual old man, not famous like the other two. But you need PEOPLE in a protest right? Every person counts towards making the protest bigger, and raising more awareness from that.

    Andreas Lebeck:

    1. Reasons why Andrea Lebeck SHOULD protest= Again, he is famous, again this character is going to have similar reasons why they should protest. But differently, do people really know HIM, like if they saw him, or do they just really know HIS TRAINERS. I mean, who knows who created Nike? Huh? That's right, well at least I - or any one I know - doesn't. So maybe it wouldn't make it any more fuss (if people didn't recognise him) than if he didn't come at all. Actually maybe that's a reason he shouldn't come.
    2. Reasons why Andreas Lebeck SHOULDN'T join a protest= He cares WAY too much about his business. If he does come, it probably wouldn't be because HE wants to support the cause, but maybe his trainer obssesed FANS care about the cause.
    ⭐️ Challenge: He could maybe sell his trainers cheaper as part of the protest, and have more people come to the protest because of it?

    Step 4:

    I would chose Lulu Starlight.

    ⭐️ Challenge: I would chose Ariana Grande, because she is soooooo famous and would get my protest more on the news, and more heard. She is also a really nice person and would probably actually want to join my protest.

    Thanks for reading!

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  • Cheam Common logo wondrous_orca | Cheam Common Junior Academy
    28 Jan 2021

    Step 1-
    Most chance of working
    End SARS
    Protests in Belarus
    Black lives matter
    Extinction rebellion
    Protests in Chile
    Least chance of working
    Step 2-
    1. It is not fair to say that all police are good or bad because there is a mixture. Good police officers protect us from crime.They help people when in need, such as the elderly. They follow the rules and are fair. Good police officers do not get the recognition or media attention they deserve. They sacrifice their lives putting others first; they put their lives in the line of danger. Bad policemen misuse power and take advantage of their rights.They feel that they won’t be punished. Sometimes police may be biased of gender, race or disability. It is a stereotype that police officers are good and they take advantage of that.
    2. It is acceptable for protesters to break laws as long as there are restrictions. You have to balance the pros and cons of breaking the rules, for example you could end up in jail but you will have made a difference. You may have to break the rules to be heard. If you do break the rules make sure no one gets hurt and look at where you are going to protest (somewhere where no one can be harmed). However, I suggest that people use silent protest or boycott.
    3. It is not really responsible to protest on the street during the pandemic because if you protest on the street you are risking other’s lives as well, such as police officers and NHS workers. Some forms of protest is acceptable such as virtual activism. if you are going to march or anything involving going outside wear masks and social distance. Do it only for important situations like climate change. Only go outside if you want to be heard and its your last resort.
    4. I think its a good thing that protests get challenged bu other ideas unless it goes out of hand and things start to get violent. Otherwise, everyone will have different ideas and you should respect them since everyone is unique. A challenge is healthy but it should not get out of control and violent.
    Step 3-
    Lulu starlight should join a protest because she wants to and is very giving. However, she could lose her fans.
    Mayor Benson should join a protest because she approves of protesting at a good level. However, she has more chance of changing people's lives because she is the mayor.
    Mr Norbert should protest because it is something he has never done and he wants to. However, he is worried he could end up hurt.
    Andreas Lebeck should protest because his words could make a big difference because he is famous. However, if his clients do not agree with his cause, it could be bad for buisness.
    Step 4-
    I would choose Lulu Starlight to protest because she wants to and she has already done a lot of good. Also, she has many followers so they could resend her posts and raise awareness. She could also raise awareness by announcing the cause of protest at the end of a show. Lastly, if she protests it will bring a lot of change than just a normal person protesting because she is someone famous and well-known.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School reflective_grasshopper | Lyons Hall Primary School B
    29 Jan 2021

    The mayor for my protest because she has huge authority.

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    1. katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
      reflective_grasshopper's comment 29 Jan 2021

      Why might this be helpful, reflective_grasshopper?

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  • Hammond School logo helpful_sparrow | Hammond Junior School B
    29 Jan 2021

    Question 1
    I think it isn't acceptable for the protester's to break the law I'm not saying they cant protest but it isn't responsible.
    Question 2
    I don't think its good for people to protest in lockdown because it spreads COVID
    Question 3
    It is a bad ting for protesters to argue because they might fall apart and fight each other instead of the government or who there protesting
    Question 4
    A celebrity joining would be helpful as they have more power than a normal person making it tilt to they're advantage.
    thanks for reading

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg articulate_concept | Michael Faraday School
    29 Jan 2021

    The main question is how do people stop protests? How do people convince other people to stop protesting?

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School unparalleled_tambourine | Lyons Hall Primary School C
    29 Jan 2021

    First I think they should all stop worrying about what other people think because as long as they believe in it it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks
    I think lulu starlight because if she puts something inline millions of people would see it and she is loved everywhere so all of her fans would know and if she gives a good reason all her fans will g on along with it

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  • Michael-Faraday-logo-250x250.jpg flowing_strategy | Michael Faraday School
    29 Jan 2021

    STEP 1)
    Most chance of working:
    - End SARS
    - Protests in Belarus
    - BLM
    - Extinction Rebellion
    - Protests in Chile

    Step 2)
    Is it fair to say all police are good or bad?
    Personally, I don't think it's fair to say all police are good or bad. There are good police officers, like sometimes you see police officers helping people out of dangerous situations, donating, giving things, rescuing .etc, on the other hand you have bad cops who like Derek Chauvin use excessive force and unnecessary things. Adding to that in "POLICE BRUTALITY", police brutality can kill, which will further anger the public, which will lead into larger more agressive protests, also leading into more police brutality, and the loop goes on, and on and on.

    2. Personally, I believe they should stick to the law. You don't want to cause more trouble and make it a bigger thing than it needs to be, and it just shows that the people who did it aren't responsible enough to be there at the protest and like I mentioned, will create it into a bigger thing.

    3. No, they shouldn't be protesting in the streets in the middle of a pandemic. It's likely one or more of the people there have the disease and will spread it even further which will create a rise in cases, deaths and cause more strain on the health services in that country. It will also cause tougher restrictions which many people won't like. So in that sense, your making a negative change instead of a positive change.

    4. There's pros and cons, so I'm in the middle. Sometimes, it positively affects their protest and helps them improve in getting their voice heard, being respected and gives them new thoughts. But at the same time, being challenged in the way it mentions can turn into violence, which will begin to give a bad impression on people.

    STEP 3)
    Lulu Starlight - She should join a protest because she can spread the word easily, and help gain more supporters for the cause. But she could also get a lot of hate and loose followers because of her point of view.

    Mayor Benson - She should join a protest because it will get alot of attention and like Lulu, get more supporters for the cause, although she can make more a difference in her job rather than joining a protest.

    Mr Norbert - He should join a protest because he's willing to participate and make a change for the better. However, (this might come off as rude) because of his age, he's frail and protests could easily hurt him if something goes wrong during the protest.
    Andreas - Andreas could join the protest because of his wealth, he'll be able to support the protest financially with donations .etc, and his fame can get more people involved, but it could have a negative effect for his business. Like Lulu, he could loose customers because of his opinions meaning he'll loose money.

    STEP 4)
    I would choose Lulu Starlight, because she has a bigger fanbase, meaning a bigger way to spread the word, and gain a lot of support for the cause. Since she is likely to have millions of followers, people can share her post and spread awareness to more people than just herself. It could also boost her reputation positively since people will know she's a good person.

    Thank you for reading my opinions!
    - flowing_strategy

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  • Hammond School logo best_eagle | Hammond Junior School F
    31 Jan 2021

    Should protesters be breaking the law? It depends what they do and how far they go. If people get hurt then no. But sometimes, changes only happen when people protest strongly. There is proof of this In the fact that all adults can vote, not just men. Women won the right to vote through protest over 100 years ago.
    Protest is challenged by other ideas and I think it’s a good thing. This is because people are showing their opinions and is a healthy thing to do. It results in debate and ultimately change for the better. However, it is not responsible to protest during a pandemic, as it can spread the virus.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      best_eagle's comment 01 Feb 2021

      Can you give an example of when it might be acceptable to break the law in a protest?

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      1. Hammond School logo best_eagle | Hammond Junior School F
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 07 Feb 2021

        It is very difficult to give examples of when it is acceptable to break the law during an act of protest, but I do think that if the protest can achieve change that results in great good being done, then perhaps some very minor acts of law breaking, resulting in very little damage being done to property for example or disruption to roads for example, can be justified. This can only be judged in hindsight. Acts of violence where anyone gets hurt should not be justified.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School logical_wolf | Lyons Hall Primary School A
    31 Jan 2021

    One thing I certainly don't agree with is protesting in the pandemic, it is very wrong and goes against all the rules of not meeting in large groups. By doing this people are putting themselves and others at risk and encouraging the spread of the virus, the one thing we are trying to stop.

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  • Penketh Primary Logo adventurous_raisin | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    Thanks the video and activities were great. I think that it is not good too be protesting in the midst of a global pandemic as there are rules in place for a reason. To be protesting and breaking the law,I personally think is wrong because it is breaking rules and laws put in place by the government. But on the other hand, you have to remember that in some other country's there are some rules put in place that are either silly or useless.(Not to sound rude.) I think it is a good if protests are challenged by other ideas,it challenges them and lets the public see if they are taking their protest seriously.

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      adventurous_raisin's comment 01 Feb 2021

      Are there alternative ways to protest during a pandemic that are safe?

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      1. Penketh Primary Logo adventurous_raisin | Penketh Primary School
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 02 Feb 2021

        Yes I think that their are alternative ways to protest during a pandemic such as online protesting this is done a lot since COVID-19 struck such as # or posts showing what they think is right or wrong. Protesting online is not happening enough as physically putting other at risk by protesting face to face with thousands and thousands and that is one of the many reasons why the COVID rates are going up. That is just my personal opinion so if you do not agree with me I apologize .

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  • Penketh Primary Logo witty_rock | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    This is about the different people and why they should or shouldn't protest.

    Lulu Starlight - Popstar

    I think that Lulu should protest, because her fans most likely look up to her and follow her footsteps in what she does. So, that could suggest that if she protested for example BLM, her fans might protest too.

    Mayor Benson - Leader

    I do not think that Mayor Benson should protest, because as a leader you need to remain impartial because she should represent everybody's views and not just her own.

    Mr Norbert - 76 year old man.

    I believe more that Mr Norbert can protest more than should protest, because being an old man means vulnerability which could lead to being badly hurt if there was police brutality. But, if he went on a phone or computer and did an online protest he would be safe.

    Andreas Lebeck - Millionaire Sports-wear owner

    I think that Andreas should protest, because he is a millionaire so he could use a portion of his wealth to raise money for protest.

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    1. Penketh Primary Logo adventurous_raisin | Penketh Primary School
      witty_rock's comment 08 Feb 2021

      I agree totally with you witty_rock

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  • Penketh Primary Logo lucky_fly | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    I think that it's not good to be protesting in the middle of a global pandemic because you then have a more chance of getting it.

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  • Penketh Primary Logo sceptical_sheep | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    Nice video activities where fun and great.Well covid right its hard to get through and people want to see there family in a different country or somewhere else.Im like that im a 9 year old kid who wants to see there family and people want to protest and get in groups.That is not right because I know they might have there rights but if it keeps spreading I might not be able to see my family and I wont to do that and of I do you don't know it might be on for years.

    People who want to rotest that's find but its a pemdemic like people want it to stop people don't even care. Im one of those people who want to do normal thing like go out to a restaurant. Go see my friends. Have a party.

    Im a big fan of birds and I like to spot birds.

    Step 4-

    Lulu I know its hard to get through a protest but just if u want to join,join im not u but come on if you don't like it then wouldn't you think they would? Ok I know your 76 yeah it could be dangerouse but come on speak up for someone o something.

    Thanks for reading sighing of

    sceptical_sheep xx

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  • Penketh Primary Logo resilient_seahorse | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    I think that this video was very interesting. But the problem, is protesting in large groups and breaking all of the restrictions. I am not saying that protesting is wrong, I'm just saying it would be better if people weren't breaking the law. Maybe if they all wore masks and sanitised regularly or just something like that. Or maybe if they didn't block cars and just did it on the pavement. Maybe if other protest didn't meet and just stayed on different streets, or roads. If in anyway you think that i am sounding rude, I am very sorry

    resilient_seahorse x

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      resilient_seahorse's comment 01 Feb 2021

      That's an interesting suggestion - to protest using cars as road-blocks! More covid-safe...yet might people worry about the cars being damaged?

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  • Penketh Primary Logo supportive_dragonfly | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    i loved the vido it makes me angay wen there not wereing mask the shop and i agey whith you

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  • Penketh Primary Logo serious_guitar | Penketh Primary School
    01 Feb 2021

    I think Lulu, the mayor, Thomas Norbett and Andreas Lebeck should all join in with the protests if they want to. Thomas said that it looks dangerous on the news, but I dont think that will mean they are all dangerous. The dangerous parts might get shown on the news to warn people about it but it might not have time to show all the good parts. Lulu has lots of follows so it would be good for people to see if they didnt know. The followers might then join in. The mayor wants to make sure everything is safe so more people might join in if they feel safe at a protest. Thomas Norbett said he might be too old, I think any age can protest and if other older people saw him joining in they may want to as well. Andreas Lebeck has lots of money so could help pay for things. I think it is important that anyone who WANTS to protest does protest.

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  • Lyons Hall Primary School strong_tangerine | Lyons Hall Primary School D
    03 Feb 2021

    Hello. I am strong_tangerine. I think that Lulu SHOULD protest because if her fans think that she's protesting for a good reason and they agree with her she might be able to influence her fans and followers to protest with her. But if they don't agree with her, she could lose fans and the people that don't agree with her might start to protest against the reason that she is protesting for and it could become violent.

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  • Beverley-St-Nicholas-logo-250x250.jpg humorous_moment | Beverley St Nicholas Primary School
    03 Feb 2021

    Step 1
    most chance of working----end sars----black lives matter----protests in Belarus----extinction rebellion----protests in Chile----least working
    Step 2
    Problem#1 -- Well you need to have the right to say if a police is good or bad because it depends on what they have done, for example they might have beaten someone up during a protest or killed someone. If they didn't do any of those things (or things related and similar to those) it doesn't mean they are good because you never know what they are going to do, so you need information to learn how he/she acts in case of an event in the future.
    Problem#2 -- It depends on the country because different countries have different laws. But if the protest includes killing it shouldn't be allowed because they could kill innocent people who havn't been against them in anything. If they break a law of driving wrecklessly (if it is part of the protest) then it depends how they drive and were they drive because if they do it to make trafic and make people see them protesting then it could be acceptable in some countries but they can still get fined or arrested.
    Problem#3 -- Not really because people who are participating could have the illness but if everyone has been checked and they don't have it and they dress well with masks and in a suitable space then it could be ok.
    Problem#4 -- It could be a good thing because then people could see different ideas and different reasons on why they should pick an idea. If one idea is better then the other then that one will be wanted more then the other unless the other protest has a very good reason that changes people's minds. So have different ideas is a good thing because you get a chance to see more things everyone could do.
    Step 3
    Lulu Starlight could be good for a protest depending on what she is thinking about because since she has alot of fans she doesn't want to lose them if they don't like her protest. But since she doesn't want to lose her fans she could be thinking about some very interesting and smart things but she's not sharing them.
    Mayor Benson would be good because she doesn't mind protests and she thinks that the people who are doing one are trying to spread an important message. Since she doesn't want to block roads or cause trafic or chaos during the protest she could be very good because she can have very good ideas and she good say them without any commotion.
    Mr Norbert wants to do a protest and tell people what he is thinking about but on TV he sais it seems too dangerous to do so he could be good but also bad since he doesn't want to get police involved or get violent.
    Andreas Leback would be good depending on what he has recently accomplished in his business because he doesn't want the protest to effect his career badly. If he gives a good protest then alot more people will see it take part in it and make his business better.
    Step 4
    Mayor Benson becuase she likes protests and doesn't mind them and she doesn't like them to cause chaos and trafic so she could make a very good point and have great ideas and share them out without using violence or getting the police involved. If her idea isn't liked though it wouldn't really be violent or destructive since she didn't do anything like that before. Because she is a mayor and she runs a capital city she probably has very good points on how to improve or change something.

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  • Penketh Primary Logo supportive_dragonfly | Penketh Primary School
    08 Feb 2021

    yes I agree with all that's happening with coved and cant see are family and I think your totally right and in my apedom there is more than that to be done.

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  • Birchwood-logo-250x250.jpg mindful_volcano | Birchwood C of E Primary School
    09 Feb 2021

    TASK 1 / End SARS–Protests in Belarus–BLM–Extinction rebellion–Protests in Chile.
    TASK 2 / I honestly belive its unfair to say allpolice are bad , I feel some can be they are human and make bad choices too byt they get the added preasure of not only having to be role models to ALL they have to fight crimes and fix the wrong of others and they are put in some difficult positions.
    TASK 3/ I would think Lulu as she is a well known artest so people will know her and it will get more possitive attention.
    TASK4/ If i could chose anyone in the world it would have to depend on what i was fighting for if it was BLM id chose will i am , He is well know funny and much loved by many ages he is a judge on the voice a family show hesupports many people and helps a lolt in charaties. a roll model to many .
    TASK 4/

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    1. Olivia-Avatar.jpg Olivia @ the BNC
      mindful_volcano's comment 09 Feb 2021

      Great responses. What might be some of the dangers if a celebrity like Lulu Starlight joined your protest?

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  • Hillyfield School logo plucky_butterfly | Hillyfield Primary Academy
    26 Feb 2021

    Mr Norbert shouldn't join a protest. He is too old to join one. He has seen how dangerous it is in the news and knows that if he gets into one he will be severely injured.

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