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Protests come in all shapes and sizes. Some are riots, some are for good causes. But when they go wrong, they can go against what the protests are trying to prevent. Protests happen mostly at the right time, as there is no point in protesting when society won't do anything about it unless the climate or whatever you're protesting for really needs it. Unfortunately, some protests get noticed by bad things happening at them. This is how some protests get noticed, but it's not necessarily the right way to get them noticed! Good protests don't get noticed either, only on the news but the government barely ever do anything about them unless it really gets them thinking - they leave the riots to the police too. So do protests work?

Well, this is a question that should seriously be puzzled over. Some protests break the rules they are trying to stand by, which I mentioned earlier in the first paragraph. All of the facts have to be pointed out! Many people all over the country say that coronavirus is just a way of businesses trying to get money from the government, but we've lost over 100,000 people now so those kinds of protests don't work because pretty much everyone knows that, as it is a worldwide pandemic. Yet in other protests, people say that people should stick to the rules and social distance, but then they aren't socially distanced themselves.

Other protests that have taken place are:

BLM (Black lives matter)

end SARS

protests in Beijing

Stop climate change

So how many protests have worked? Well, black lives matter and Stop climate change protests have certainly raised awareness, but the government hasn't taken as much action on climate change as they have with COVID-19 (Which was the aim overall), so this hasn't worked as they planned, but it has in other ways as people all over the globe have got involved and been informed about how our planet is changing, including David Attenborough's new documentary 'the perfect planet'. In America, the police are definitely making differences, to stop the unhappiness of all of the citizens and to make life fairer, so it depends what you think is protests working.

But should protests be stopped, going back to thinking about how bad they can get when the protesters set cars on fires and won't stop until they are told their demand will be taken into action, which never normally happens anyway, causing more riots and danger in big cities such as London ad Manchester? These are all bad and they should be stopped, yet the good protests to work if they are moving enough. So maybe there should be strict rules and prison sentences taken into action if those rules of maximum sizes and non riots are broken. So I shall leave you on that thought, at the end of this topic, and I ask what you think, should these rules be tightened, or can you come up with some other, more suitable rules? Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing your amazing ideas in the comments! Enjoy your half-term holidays!

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