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People protest for many different reasons. It often involves standilong outside government buildings for sometimes hours with a canvas, piece of cardboard or paper with a message on it to do with what you are protesting about. I will be exploring and explaining protesting in this post.

Even in coronavirus times, there are still many protests around the world. The largest protest currently is the Black Lives Matter one. This protest started because black people aren't always being treated equally to white people. They got vmbery angry with this and so started protestin, therefore starting the Black Lives Matter campaign.

There have also been many other protests for:

  • suffarage and democracy
  • poverty
  • labour dispute
  • rights
  • race and immigration
  • taxation
  • the environment
  • animal rights
  • war
  • nuclear
  • religion
  • art and culture
  • and many more

Below is a picture of what a protesting card would look like that I have made.

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