Protesting during Covid-19

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Hello I'm attentive_donkey and I am going to discuss about doing protests during the Covid-19 pandemic,

Nobody should be taking part in protests where large gatherings like marches are likely to happen during the current pandemic. We should all be following the laws by staying home. Taking part in a protest could mean you are disobeying the rules by being in a large group. It is very important to wear a face mask and social distance. If this can be done then a protest could take place but it could be much safer to share your views in other ways that don't put yourself and others at risk.

Quite recently we have had a protest up in London were people who didn't believe in Covid-19 stood outside a hospital shouting horrible things to the nurses and doctors as they were leaving after they had finished their shift. As they didn't believe in Covid they were not social distancing or wearing face masks. This is very irresponsible because this could spead the virus and for those of us who are taking the rules seriously it could mean we are having to do this all for longer. This sort of protest is not necessary and is not getting a clear message across. It just creates anger and divide between us.

The Climate Change protest (Extinction Rebellion) which took place before the pandemic is a good example of a necessary protest. It was an important protest and the message needed to be shared. Climate Change is something we can all try to stop.

Some protests though such as virtual activism and silent protest are fine to do during the current lockdown/ pandemic. We can still get our points across but need to do it safely. Marches etc. could take place if people could obey the rules properly. It would probably be better to not let these take place though as there is still a huge risk to health.

In my opinion, some protests could take place safely during Covid-19. People should be obeying the rules and not letting them get out of control. It would be better to wait until things are safe if a protest requires large groups of people coming together.

What do you think -

1) When should protests be allowed in person during the pandemic? For what reasons?

2) What reasons are there for not allowing protests during covid-19?

Try to think of reasons for both questions to make a balanced argument.

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  • Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
    29 Jan 2021

    1) I think protests should be allowed in person during Coronavirus, should be ones where no one is breaking the lockdown rules, so obviously not at the time of the national lockdown right now, and 2m distancing, make your OWN signs for a march etc.

    2) Do you like Covid-19? Do you want it to end? The only way to end this is to stick together (wait NOT stick together stay 2m) and STAY STAFE and NOT SPREAD IT. That means NO contact where possible, which means ALOT LESS gatherings (WHICH COUKD BE PROTESTS!!).

    Great post BTW! analytical_sea XX

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    1. tom Tom @ the BNC
      analytical_sea's comment 01 Feb 2021

      A great use of rhetorical questions in No. 2 here, analytical_sea, which is when you ask a question that does not need an answer. It's a very effective communication technique so I'm giving you a star for speaking!

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      1. Hammond School logo analytical_sea | Hammond Junior School F
        Tom @ the BNC's comment 01 Feb 2021

        Thanks Tom! I love to use rhetorical questions in my writing, as it feels as if I am having a conversation with the reader! :)

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Jennifer Wilkinson, Forensic People Manager @ KPMG
    02 Feb 2021

    Good questions to think about in the current situation attentive_donkey. Can you find any examples of how the other ways to protest that you mention, virtual activism and silent protest, have been used during the pandemic?

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