Hero Protest

Welcome to the BBC News, today we will be talking about how protest works, i have 2 guests who will be giving their opinions to Protest so Miss Smith how would u say how protest is going on for you? There are many different types of protes such as Virtual acivism, silent protest, civil disobedience, marching,riot, boycotting and a strike. That is very true but which one is more violent? I think that civil disobedience is the worst because it shows people braking property and robbing places good answer now I will put on guest 2 so Miss Gallop are you for or against protest? I am against because is we refere back to the black lives matter protest people robbed shops and broke the law ad then at the ed everyone got arrested as well as people being hurt of murderd. This isn't a good way to get your message acr as people focused on the bad ad your message gets lost. I never thought of it that way, how do you think is a more positive way to protest? I think a positive way to protest maybe offered is maybe just stick with silent protest because it doesn't afend.

Me too well let me give a ig thank you to Miss smith and Mis Gallop for coming here and debating protest, thanks for listening stay safe and wash hands, Bye .

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