Protest:Does it work?

Host:Hello everybody welcome back on the show today we two different teenagers to see what do they think about protesting.

Allen:Hello my name is Allen and I am 12-years-old and I think we shouldn’t protest because I think our goverment always knows best because as he inforces laws and also he cares about climate change as he talked about it before and somewhere in 2021 they will have discussion about how to stop climate change.

Host:You have a very true reason because our goverment cares about climate change about all that stuff now your turn Betty

Betty:Hello my name is Betty and I am 14-years-old and I believe that we should protest because we can’t just sit around and be like that our government is the boss of us yes I still do like the governments future plans about stuff that we can fix and do together like stopping climate change but also we have our rights to because we have freedom and we can be what ever we want but I also dont want protest to end as it tries to spread the message to people this can include sharing it from social media’s so people are aware of the protests like climate change and Black Lives Matter,also like trying contact people about it.If we do something that isn’t going to help our future then we shouldn’t do that.

Host:Yes great opinions and I also love the examples that you used well that’s all for us about protest:Does it work?.


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