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"Today I am Joined with Guest 1 to give us their opinion on protest, so Guest 1 Can you please give us examples of protests in the news?"

"I have personally seen lots of protests about enviroment and global warming."

"Next question, What do different people think about protests?"

" I think most people believe protests do actually work and they nearly always do"

"Now, why do some people agree or disagree about whether a protest has or hasn't worked yet?"

"Sometimes things happen behind the scenes and some people just dont notice them."

"Now onto our next guest, Guest 2 we shall be using the same questions to see what his opinion is on protests. So Guest 2 Can you give me examples of protests you've seen on the news?"

" The same as Guest 1 really, mostly enviroment and global warming."

"What do different people think about protests?"

"I feel that everyone really, thinks that protests do work."

"Why do some people agree and disagree that protests did work."

"People all have different their different goals for a protest."

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  • Arjan Bains.jfif EXPERT: Arjan Bains, Senior Audit Associate @ KPMG
    13 Feb 2021

    Hi Willing_Cymbals . Well done on making this post.

    Do you agree with your guests' opinions that protests always work?

    What would you consider to be the indicator/sign that a protest has "worked"/succeeded vs one that has not "worked"/failed?


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