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Hello I am the host and I have today guest one who says why a protest does work and guest two. who says why it doesn't work .

Any examples of protests you think have worked and have not and why. g1 Black lives matter as it has made the way people think about racism different. Which ones have not worked g2 END SARS as it is not shared around the world which makes less people have a view on it.

Some factors that have or haven't made protests work. G1 being global helps to make the people in the wrong outnumbered and violence actually helps. G2 not having it on the news or social media means the community won't have heard of it.

What types of protest is least and more successful. G1 the ones that go through different countries are most successful because more act to the situation. G2 the ones that only are situated in a small area as people in the wrong have more power over others.

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