Protest, is it fair?

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Host: Welcome back to our show! Today we will be answering the question of many, is PROTEST fair? We will be asking 3 special guests to share what they think about protest and if they think it is fair or not. Without further a do, Ron take it away.

Guest 1: Hello everyone, my name is Ron and I'm 13 years old. I particularly think protest IS fair because protests in my area are always calm and peaceful and I haven't really been anywhere else so I don't know how protests in other places are, but I am happy how protest is NOW.

Host: Well Ron, that was a very curious thought but right now it is time for Hanan to tell us what she thinks.

Guest 2: Hi everyone, my name is Hanan and I'm 7 years old. I think protest is fair and not at the SAME time because sometimes the government doesn't let people do protests and sometimes he does.

Host: Hmmmmmmmmm that is a very interesting thought Hanan, and especially for a 7 year old. Well now it is time for our very final guest........

Guest 3: Aloha Everybody, my name is Alex and I'm 27 years old. Before I speak about HOW I feel about protest I'd like to say something...............

Host: Go ahead Alex!

Guest 3: I have took part in many protests and I am trying my best to help stop plastic pollution. So I just want to say to all the people out there who are trying their best to stop plastic pollution, good job to you!

Host: Such a lovely compliment, would you like to continue?

Guest 3: Yes, I think protest ISN'T fair because some protests don't let everyones voice heard or everyones opinion and when everyone's voice is heard, then it's FAIR. I think this because [ the examples I will be sharing are NOT real ]..............

For Example: In Canada they are voting for a new president and they end with 50% of Canada wanting that president and 50% not. And in Canada there are a group of PEOPLE who haven't voted because of their looks, religion, skin colour and many more reasons.

Guest 3: Don't you think that is unfair? Don't you think everyone SHOULD be treated the same way? We are all human. Why don't you put yourself in their shoes, how do you feel? It's not too late to CHANGE.

Host: Wow, I'm speechless! Well done to Ron, Hanan and Alex.


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