Protest dose it work?

Hero Protest

Host:hi to we will be discusing this question DOES PROTEST WORK? Well let's find out with these contstants bill and mill .

mill:hi I'm 17years old and I live in London .

bill: hello I am bill and I live in Guildford and I am 15years old

host:ok let's start bill what do you think?

bill:well I think it's pathetic because if you are silly and I bares yourself then no one will want to change anything

host:mill what do you think ?

Mill:I think that it does because people will realise that the public wants something and they will change it for the sake of future

host: well two very different opinions but good theres of protest but what do you think the best protest is?

bill:none because in my opinion they all don't do anything for the government but cause harm

host:mill your opinion ?

mill:well I think the best one is silent protest because it shows the goverment what the nation wants without doing any visual harm

host:wel, that was a strong discusion with no wright nor wrong comment thank you for listening


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