Protest: Does It Work?

Host: Hello everyone and welcome back to the show today we will be answering the question that has taken the world by storm "Protest: Does It Work" so without further a do let's get started!

Guest 1: Hello! my name is Isabel, I am 10 years old and live in London. I think people should protest because everybody should be able to express their feelings on politics however they want.

Guest 2: Hello my name is Stewart and I am 12 years old and I disagree wih protests highly as normally they get very violent which is terrible as no one wants to express their opinion and come back with a broken arm.

Host: Wow it is lovely to see such passionate children talking about this topic so Isabell would you like to expand on what you mean by "express their feelings on politics however they want"

Isabell: Yes! Of course. First of all there is no one stopping the people who want to protest as it is just another way of telling your government what you want and Im not sure why that should be objected. Although violence isn't good it's just expressing an opinion

Host: Wonderful explanation Isabell, and Stewart can you tell us why you think its not okay to protest?

Stewart: Certainly, although breaking an arm won't really happen people do get severely injured and that is really not acceptable if you want to express your opinion on politics then you need to do it online because you don't want other people to get hurt while you're just trying to make a statement. For example in the trump rallies some people got hurt and some people got pepper sprayed and some people even died and after all of that their mission was unsuccessful.

Host: Well thank you all very much for coming on to the show today you were both fabulous and shared fascinating opinions about "Protest: Does It Work?"

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