Protest - does it work? (My podcast)

Protest - does it work? (My podcast)

Hiya analytical_sea here! Today I'm going to be writing my (second) final piece!! Enjoy! 😁

This is the words for my podcast - I typed it instead of using SoundCloud:

{Guest 1: Miss Ava Somers; Guest 2: Mr David Peterson}

Host: Hello! My name is Kayleigh and I am your host for today's podcast - does protest work? I will be joining 2 guests as they share their thoughts and reasons behind their opionons for everyone to hear!

Host: Our first guest is Miss Ava Somers! Hello Ava, I'm very glad you will be joining us for this podcast! Can you tell the listeners a bit about yourself? Have you ever been part of a protest?

Guest 1: Thank you Kayleigh - I'm honoured to be here today! Hello listners! My name is Ava Somers, and you might of heard of me, as I am The Ava Somers - the famous pop star! I love to protest for things like Black Lives Matters, or BLM, as I feel very passionate about that - due to my (non blood relative) Uncle, who is black and has shared some of his terrible experiences with me.

Host: That was heart-warming to hear thanks Ava! Would you care to tell us - in your opinion - does protest work or not? Any perhaps you can tell us why as well? Do you have any examples of protests in the news?

Guest 1: Of course Kayleigh! Well, I believe - mostly - protest does work. An example? I can think of many! My first would be the suffregets - Women's Rights protests. Yes, they might have to have lots of protests, even do life-threatening things, but now women can vote and most women and men get payed the same amount in the same job.

Host: What are some of the factors that make protest work?

Guest 1: In my opinion the size of the protest is quite important. The bigger the protest - the more noticed it will be. The same with the location, if a protest takes place in a more popular and used place, then it will be noticed by more people. Also, if you do it somewhere someone important who can do something for your protest, for example if you are protesting to get an MP fired - and explain your reasons - in front of the prime minister, then that could really affect your protest. On top of all that, I believe that if a big - popular - news paper company or news TV show, perhaps BBC 1 for example, see it and a journalist reports it, then it has more chance of being seen by more people.

Host: Wow Ava, that's some great and strong thinking! What do you mean by 'affect' in that?

Guest 1: By 'affect' I mean, using my previous example, if the prime minister agreed with your reasons that you want to get that MP fired - and thought that it was a good idea to resort to firing him/her - then he would have the power to fire them, and make the protest 'work'.

Host: Ah I see now! Can I ask you one more question?

Guest 1: Sure!

Host: What type of protest do you think is the most successful, why, and can you give any examples - you've been good at that so far!

Guest 1: I think the more violent, unpeaceful, protests work the best - like riots - as I belive they raise the most attention and awareness. It depends what the protest is trying to achieve though, if they are trying to raise attention of the public, a riot would be perfect!

Host: Thank so much for speaking to us Ava, you had some excellent reasons! Give it up, ladies and gentlemen, for Miss Ava Somers! I hope you enjoyed sharing your thoughts with our listeners Ava!

Host: Now next up we have our second guest, it's my pleasure to welcome Mr David Peterson! Hello David! We're glad to have you on the show! Can you kindly tell us a bit about yourself? Have you ever joined a protest?

Guest 2: Good afternoon Kayleigh, I'm delighted to have been picked to be on this podcast! I am Mr David Andrew Peterson, an ordinary 63 year old man. I love to garden and feel particularly to some protests, but I have never joined one before! I have considered protesting for no more rabbits stealing my prize winning carrots though...

Host: It's lovely to hear from some of our older citizens too! I also love your wacky sense of humour! Do you think protests work or not?

Guest 2: I believe that protests just don't work. If they did, why would there still be protests now?

Host: Very true, very true! Can you give any examples of protests which haven't worked?

Guest 2: Well, all them ones still going now o' course! That racism and discrimination in other ways too, Climate Change - whatever that is! - and once I saw a protest to make everyone go vegetarian!

Host: Yes, yes of course! Do you think there is anything that could change if they work or not? For example doing them in a more public area?

Guest 2: No, not really. It just depends with things like discrimination and that vegetarian one, it depends on whether the entire world want to go veggie! They're just things that never will change! On the other hand, with protests like ones where they want the mayor or prime minster to change something for example, it depends on whether they want to change what they want change!

Host: I see what you are saying! Who are the to 'they's though?

Guest 2: The first 'they' is the mayor or prime minister and the second is the protesters.

Host: Cool! Thank you for your time, and you should really consider joining a protest! Bye!! And bye to you too listeners! Thank you for listening to the podcast 'Does protest work?' and I wonder who you agree with?

Thanks for reading my final piece! Who do you agree with? (I agree with Ava - that's why she's got more reasons!!🤣) Write your thoughts in the comments!




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