protest does it work

Featured Image: Protest 3

Podcast script: key Jim thinks it does work, Alex thinks it doesn`t work, host is just the host

Host: Welcome to the podcast today we have Jim and Alex discussing protestsdo they work? Jim why don`t you start us off

Jim:Thank you I think it does work because if so many people do it then the police and people can`t ignore what we have to say

Alex:Yes but somtimes people do it but it makes polices jobs 10 times harder

Host:Both very points and I have question are riots really nesecary?

Jim:Ofcourse they are if a peaceful protests don`t work then you have to resort to a...more viloent aproch

Host:Alex what do you think

Alex: no people can get killed in the process of riots and therefore are not nessary

Host:thank you for your oppinuns who do you agree with

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