Protest: does it work?

Featured Image: Protest 4

Host: We're here today to hear opinions on do protests work? Do you think they work? Well we're here to hear different opinions on protest.

Guest 1: Hi, i'm Amy and i'm 12 years old and in my opinion i think protests help spread your opinions to everyone and help make changes.

Guest 2: Hi, i'm John and I'm 9 years old and i think protests don't work because when you do protest while you are, people can get hurt in the making.

Guest 3: Hi, i'm Annie i'm 10 years old and i think protests do work because you can let the world know whats going on while you protest.

Host: Thank you for all of your opinions it's been great hearing kids talk about protests and if it works. A summary of today, three kids have shared there opinions on PROTEST:DOES IT WORK? And very good opinions. So do you think protests work? See you next time.

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