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Protest or Not – Script

Host Good afternoon! This is productive_fig coming to you from our studio/kitchen in Surrey. Our hot topic today – PROTESTS – are they necessary, do they work, would you do it?

Social media has allowed us a front seat to protest around the world, as they happen.

Today my guests are Roger and Josephine Williamson, a married couple, who have apposing views on Protest. We will be hearing their different opinions for and against.

Roger if for. He believes that Protests have a very large part ion brining light to poignant issues that tend to be swept under the carpet

  • Hello Roger. Thank you for joining me today. I look forward to hearing your opinion on Protests.

Roger Hello Amir, thank you for having me.

Host Have you every taken part in a Protest?

Roger Yes, in 2019 I attended a Protest against the President of South Africa at the time. It became evident to us, as a collective group of people in South Africa, that he was stealing money from the people of South Africa for his own gain and purposes.

Host Did you fully achieve what you intended?

Roger Yes. A few months later he was ousted from the presidency. Although he has not yet been brought to account for his crimes.

Host If you could would you take part in another Protest?

Roger Yes, I believe if you protest enough it will bring attention to the powers that can change things.

Host What if a peaceful Protests turns violent…would you continue to be involved?

Roger Sometimes you do not have an option but I would set out to be in one but I would retreat ASAP once it gets aggressive and violent.

Host Thank you Roger for your input.

Roger Your welcome. Thank you for having me.

Host My next guest is Roger’s better half – his wife Josephine. Although She has been married to Roger for over 30 years, does not agree with his views on protest.

Hello Josephine. Thank you for joining us today.

Josephine It’s my absolute pleasure.

Host Sometimes Protests do not work! What are your thoughts on this?

Josephine I Think it is a personal view. I believe that so often people lose sight of the issue at hand and Protest for the sake of protesting.

Host Even if you don’t believe in protesting have you ever or would you feel passionate about something that would change your mind.

Josephine I am a passionate about many things but I still think that there are many other ways to highlights issues?

Host Please expand on these thoughts.

Josephine As a Christian my first route to deal with any issue is to pray about it.

Host Some of our listeners are not Christians. What could they do?

Josephine They could sign an online petition. Write their MP. Stare an online community.

Host If it were virtual activism why and how would this change your opinion on Protest.

Josephine Online activism is more manageable you are accountable for your opinions and actions.

Host Thank you both for your opinions. Listeners this is now up to you. I hope we have given you enough food for thought.

This productive_fig signing off for today.

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  • Ericka Shin.jpg EXPERT: Ericka Shin, Fact Checker @ The Economist
    09 Feb 2021

    Great podcast script, productive_fig. The host's questions were very thoughtful, and both guests had valid points. That's got me wondering whether you agree more with Roger or Josephine? And can you say why?

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  • Hammond School logo productive_fig | Hammond Junior School A
    10 Mar 2021

    Yes I agree with roger because if it's a calm protest for the right reasons there is a more chance you will get what you are protesting for or it will be on the news and the people you are trying to pursuade will probably see it if like you want the borders to reopen it might go on the news and most of the world looks at the internet and the news

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