Protest does it work?

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Host: Welcome to the show! Today we are answering the big question: Protest - does it work?

Guest 1: Hi, my name is Jenny and l am 10 years old. I think protests help get a message across, it makes people stop and think about the impact that their actions are having and the consequences.

Guest 2: Hi, my name is Alex and l am 12 years old. I disagree with protests because right now everyone should stay home, to stop the spread of the virus and to keep everyone safe. Surely, there are other ways to raise awareness of the issues that they are protesting.

Host: A big hello to our guests. Clearly, they are both passionate about this topic. Let’s go back to Jenny, why do you think protest works?

Jenny: The protest for Black Lives Matter has gotten the message across and changed people’s opinion. It raised the profile of the topic to be part of the everyday news rather than it being swept under the carpet and not talked about.

Alex: It may have changed people’s opinions, but it hasn't changed the way that things are done. The protest itself doesn't change people's opinions and the result is that it hasn't really changed anything, just caused a nuisance as there is police required in case protests get out of hand.

Host: Alex are there any protests you think that have not succeeded in getting their message across?

Alex: Yes, the one protest I can think of is - End SARS has not succeeded because it hasn't gotten the message across. Also, it didn't do anything to stop SARS spreading.

Jenny: It HAS changed opinions and raised awareness.

Alex: Nothing has changed during these protests.

Host: Jenny, which type of protest do you think is most effective?

Jenny: I think a march is most successful because no one gets hurt and it gets the message across.

Host: Alex which type of protest do you think is least effective?

Alex: I think a riot is least effective because it is violent and people get hurt. It also encourages the people in the riot to take part as they think if they don't participate then they aren't raising awareness.

Host: So, in summary you can see that Jenny and Alex have very opposing views and have shared their opinions. Over to you viewers.... What do you think?

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