Protest Does It Work

Featured Image: Protest 1

Host: Welcome everybody! Today, we are debating over the big question: does protest work? Do they change people's opinions or not? What types of protests work and don't work? First lets discuss black lives matter.

John: Hello, my name is John and I am 10 years old. I think black lives matter did work because lots of opinions were changed and there was a huge change.

Adam: Hello, my name is Adam and I am 11 years old. Black lives matter was mostly peaceful but there was a tiny part of it that was very violent and the news focused on that part so now people have a bad impression of it so they might disagree.

Host: Thank you. Now let's focus on the protests in Belarus. Were the government being unfair?

John: That protest changed a lot of opinions. The whole country disagreed with Alexander being president. In my opinion, I think that a protest is successful if it changes a lot of opinions.

Adam: I think that protest failed because the government didn't do anything. Even though a lot of opinions were changed, it matters what the government does.

Host: Thank you for reading, goodbye!

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