Protest: does it work?

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Host: Welcome to the show, today we are going to discuss the big question ' protest: does it work?' I am joined by two guests who are willing to answer every question. Please welcome our first guest!

Oscar: Hi, I'm Oscar, I am 11 years old and I live in Working. I am speaking on behalf of the people who are against all the protesting.

Host: And now please welcome our second guest!

Kendall: Hi, I'm Kendall and I'm also 11 years old and I live in Lightwater. I am going to be talking for why protesting is a good idea and why it should continue.

Host: A big hello to both of our guests. Clearly, they are both willing to answer a series of questions. And without further ado, lets begin with question number 1. Oscar you believe that protesting isn't such a good idea. Can you give any examples of protests which haven't worked and have been on the news recently?

Oscar: Well there was this prostest that happened in the center of Washington DC and it wanted Trump to be removed from his office necause he had you know lost the vote against Joe Biden. And Trump wasn't leaving any time and there were rumours about that Trump had started the protest. But even though they protested nothing changed. Biden is president now in America and Trump now longer has power over the U.S America any more.

Host: Thank you Oscar, that helped open my mind for why protests are a reckless componet to society. Now moving onto Kendall. Kendall you believe that protesting is a good idea and that people should protest when they feel their opinion is left out. Could you give us any examples of when a protest has changed the way we live?

Kendall: Yes, in 1903 a protest called the suffragettes were arguing that women are irrelavent to society and that men are superior. They protested for equal rights for women. It took a while before women would get the same equalities as men. The suffragettes prevailed through time and didn'tstop till women got the same rights as men. And that protest obvisouly worked or else us women would be at home doing the cleaning and cooking.

Host: Wow umm thank you. The suffragettes protested and they changed history. If that protest didn't happen then we wouldn't be where we are today. Now to our second question, Oscar why would some people agree or disagree with you?

Oscar: Well many people would disagree with me because most protests have changed the way we live like what Kendall was saying. But was it really nessesary to burn things. Couldn't they have just had a silent way of negotiating?

Host: Mmm yeah, beacuse most protesters did go over the top like you've said. Anyway moving onto Kendall. Kendall why would be people agree or disagree with you and why?

Kendall: Well most people think it's a bad sin to protest because they see protests on the news. The news shows the 7% of voilence on the protest. The Black Lives Matter protest was 93% peaceful but on the news they showed the reckless side of it. That changed people's minds alot about protests. But if the news should the less dangerous sides of protests then maybe peoples' views of protest will change.

Host: Maybe that will changed peoples' views on protest, it certainly changes mine. Now we are on our last and final question: 'Are protesters putting their life at risk when they argue with society?'

Kendall: No...

Oscar: Mostly...

Host: Oh umm lets start with Oscar.

Oscar: Mostly because the suffragettes put their lives at risk by going on hunger strike, going to prison and commiting arson. I mean what if they were caught up in the middle of a fire. Protests can easily get out of control. Then the police come with guns and gas. Andpeople say police are bad. They don't want to harm anyone but the protesters chose to put themselves ar risk.

Host: Thank you. Now Kendall, what do you think? Do protesters put themselves at risk?

Kendall: No, becauseyour putting your life at risk for someone else and the future of mankind. People protest so in the future someone else won't go through the pain that someone else went through. Gordan Ramsey and Jamie Oliver wouldn't be famous chefs if it wasn't for the suffragettes.

Host: Thank you. And that is all our qusetion. Lets have a big thank you to both of our guests. And thats the end of the show!

By Educated_dragonfly

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