Podcast protests - are they successful or not ?

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We are here today to discuss the question of protests. Do protest work or not ?

There are many different protests happening right now for example black lives matter, extinction rebellion and COVID.

We have with us Dr. Sharon Rigby and government advisor professor Matthew Haines. Can I first ask Dr. Sharon Rigby why you believe that the Black Lives Matter protests have been so successful?

"The protests have brought this issue to so many people and have highlighted the problems that we face. I think that it has been successful because people are so passionate about this subject. Therefore it has exploded around the world and now is a focus for a lot of people".

Thank you Dr. Sharon Rigby , now can I bring in professor Matthew Haines advisor to the government, who believes that protests sometimes can have a negative effect on people.

“Thanks yes, at the moment there are lots of protests happening , obviously we have the bigger protests like extinction rebellion which seems successful, however, I think that not all protests work, for instance if you are a small protest it doesn't always reach the amount of people you want it to and if a protest should turn volient it could have a negative effect on what you are trying to achieve ".

Okay that's some interesting thoughts and gives us a lot to think about , I would like to thank both of my guests for joining us today .

For now that's the end of talking about protesting.

Bye everyone.

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