Podcast: Opinions on protest

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Host: Hello everyone, today I will be focusing on the big question about protest, does it work? Protest is important because it is the opportunity for people to voice their concerns about a specific problem. In this podcast there will be 2 guests that are joning us. Please introduce yourselves.

Speaker 1: Hello everybody! My name is Isabel Green,I'm 35 and work as a bus driver in London.

Speaker 2: I'm James Smith, I am 38 and I work as a human resources advisor in Edinbrough.

Host: Firstly I would like to know your views on protest? Could you start off James?

Speaker 2 (James): Sure. My opinion on protest is to find a way to get your voice heard and protesting for what you believe in. I personallly think that it is a good thing as people are speaking out for what they believe is right.

Host: Great opinion James. Can we have one from Isabel?

Speaker 1 ( Isabel): I also completely agree with James. I would like to add that protesting is a powerful and collective way to influence laws and bills amongst others to be looked into changing.

Host: Great responses from both of you. Now could you explain whether protest works? This time we will start with Isabel.

Speaker 1 (Isabel): I think that protests don't work because when you see them on the news they always turn out to be chaotic and violent.

Host: What are your thoughts James?

Speaker 2 (James): I am going to disagree with I sabel as it is evident that protests have worked e.g Womens Right to vote and the movement for the freedom of black people.

Host: We have mixed opinions here. Unfortunately we are running out of time. This has opened up a great debate on the subject matter. Does anyone have anything else to add before we go?

Speaker 1 ( Isabel ) : I do, some people can get hurt, and others might get trampled by other protesters.

Host: We've had a great debate today but we have to conclude here. Have a nice day, Goodbye!

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