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Hello and today we are going to do a podcast discussing protests and if there effective or non effective. We are joined by person A and person B. Person a will be saying why we should do protests and person B will argue against that. Person A says: we should keep doing protests as they get heard by the government and he or she can then give the protesters what they want. Also it brings a community of people who think the same thing together. Podcast: Thankyou for saying what you think person A. Now person B will say what he thinks and why protests are not good. Person B: There are alot of protests that are effective like black lives matter as it has been on the news many times. Protests can damage the city they are in, they can stop trains from going anywhere , they can raid malls. Therefore protests should be stopped as they are damaging and silly. Podcast: thankyou, that will be enough for today. Bye.

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