Opinions Of The World: Does Protest Work?

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Opinions Of The World; Does Protest Work?

Host: Hello members of the world! My name is Runi, and welcome to Opinions Of The World for a one-off special episode. Today we will be exploring a very interesting question ‘Does Protest Work?’ And today we have 2 special guests joining us today, so why don’t you introduce yourselves…

Issa: Hi everyone! My name is Issa, I'm 17 years old and I'm speaking in this episode today so the world knows my opinion of protests. In my point of view, protests are a great way to get your voice heard and to stand up for others as well, no matter what happens.

Azi: I’m Azi and i’m 15 years old, I don't quite agree with Issa. I’m more opposed to protests because anything could happen, people could get injured and thousands of people would be breaking the law which means it could make our world a very unsafe, dangerous place.

Host: Great introduction Issa and Azi! But Issa, could you explain yourself when you say ‘no matter what happens’.

Issa: Of course, I believe that if you really want to get something done you should do whatever it takes and don’t give up. But, I guess it would be pretty bad if something like what Azi said could happen, so now I’m kind of in the middle of protests being good or bad, for now.

Host: Thank you Issa, that was an amazing explanation. But now, I have a question I would like to ask both of you… Both of you have different opinions of protesting, Issa isn’t quite sure and Azi is more against it than for it. So let’s see if we can change your minds. The next question is: are all types of protest bad and why?

Azi: Well, I suppose only rioting is bad because that’s basically the only time where all the things I've listed before happens so now, I'm only against rioting protests because they encourage breaking the law and getting innocent people injured. But, other protests are fine because they’re peaceful so no one gets injured.

Issa: In addition to what Azi said, not only is it peaceful and no one gets injured, but it also means that you have more of a chance to get your opinion noticed because there’s no noise, fighting, and people getting injured so others would have a better chance of hearing you more so your opinion can get across.

Host: Thank you both, I enjoyed hearing your opinions with detailed reasons and explanations attached. As we’re getting near to the end of this episode, I'm just going to ask you a couple more questions along with the main question we’ve all been waiting for. Q1: Should you be protesting during the pandemic?

Issa: In my opinion, I admit that it’s wrong and irresponsible if you go out protesting during the pandemic, even though I’m all for protesting. I find it’s completely wrong and irresponsible because if you know that this pandemic is the cause of millions of lives and that it’s very life-threatening and dangerous, so you should stay at home as much as possible, then why would you go there and protest and risk innocent lives, spread the virus and danger to others and yourself. Therefore, it is irresponsible if you go out protesting during the pandemic, even if it’s for the right reasons.

Azi: I don’t completely agree with Issa because, I think that only people who actually have a responsible, important reason to protest along with people who stick to the rules should go and protest such as; keep two metres distance while protesting, wearing a mask at all times and try your best to stop spreading viruses. This way you can get your voice heard AND be safe and cautious in the pandemic at the same time.

Host: Well, we’ve got mixed opinions here! But now, it’s time for the main question that has been ringing on everyone’s minds here today… Does protest work?

Why don’t we start with Issa, seeing as he had protested before.

Issa: Yes, I have protested before a few times, and judging by my experiences, I believe protests can work like one of the protests I participated in; in the protest: Save The Ocean, everyone got together to protest so that the ocean can be saved, and it worked! More and more people joined to help save the ocean, that there’s a club about it.

Azi: I am sort of against everything that Issa has just said, protest don’t work most of the time because in countries like Myanmar or China that aren't democracies, the people in charge such as the army in Myanmar and China, does not have to listen to protests if they don’t agree with the demands. Even in democracy like the UK, protests may only work if there is a lot of support and lots of people doing it continuously until something happens, but only if you do it in different, creative ways during that time. Very rarely do protests work.

Host: Wow! That is some very detailed explanations with plenty of reasons too. Well done Issa and Azi but, I’m afraid that it’s all we’ve got for today’s special episode so make sure you tune in for Opinions Of The World’s next episode with another interesting topic. Bye for now!

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  • tom Tom @ the BNC
    08 Feb 2021

    So good to see young opinions on your podcast! You have two characters that are 15 and 17, but do you think adults would differ in their opinion and if so, how?

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