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Hello everyone, this is my podcast with a podcast host, who will ask questions, a guest 1(Sophia), who believes protest usually does work, and finally a guest 2(Liam), who believes that protest doesn't usally work🤩.

Host: " Hello, Sophia and Liam could you give me an example of a protest you've heard about recently?"

Guest 1: "Yes I have heard that the Black Lives Matter Movement has made a change to lots of states in America"

Guest 2:"I have heard that a couple of Extinction Rebellion protests of civl disobedece didn't work over in London because people were too bothered about all the things like fires to notice what they were protesting for,"

Guest 1:"I think that is certainly not the case and inside some people were thinking about it,"

Host: "Well Liam do you think that protests usally work or not,"

Guest 2: "I definitly don't think protests work, that they are compltete waste of money and mostly end up in a wreck,"

Host:"Do you think they ever work?"

Guest 2,"Yes they do sometimes but I'd say very rarely,"


Guest 1,"Well I think they do work annd rarely don't - completely the oppisite of what Liam said in my case,"

Host:,"Do either of you have an idea of why your opinions are so difererent or in fact, one could say, 'complete opposites'?"

Guest 2:,"Our news feeds mabye,"

Guest 1:,"I've been in a few protests,"

Host:,"What makes you say that, Sophia?"

Guest 1:,"I participated in a few a while back and all but one were succsessfull,"

Guest 2:,"But how many did you particapate in?"

Guest 1," 7 and as I have just said only one failed. Each time we got more and more people joining in with us,"

Host:,"Sounds very interesting. May I just ask what made you start protesting and what made you stop?"

Guest 1:,"Of couse! Well, I started because I heard of that this big group of people gathering together in centeral London on a leaflet that was sent to me though my letterbox and it said that they were protesting againt more buildings on some of the lovely parks in London they weren't the royal gardens though but just the thought of it. And the more we protested the more we made the government think and at last it worked and all my other protests were similar to that and all successfull but one, then I got an official letter that said I'd go to prison if I protested anymore in the way I had been doing ,"

Guest 2:," I still stick with my ideas no matter how convincing you sound and you almost went to prison,"

Guest 1:," You may but I think you're wrong,"

Host:," What factors, Liam, makes a protest in your mind fail and who would agree with you?"

Guest 2:," I think lots of action because that usally goes over the top-"

Guest 1:," No it dosn't,"

Guest 2:," -and mucks the whole thing up. Unclear objection, which can be very misleading and I've seen a protest before with a few of my friends and they would agree with me,"

Host:," Did you know what they were protesting for?"

Guest 2:," Not untill one of the protesters went on the news and explained, no,"

Host:," Well, in that case sophia if you are still with us please could explain what fatctors makes a protest win it's side,"

Guest 1:," I think a) good predictions, b) protesting in a place where people will see you so you make a difference and finally c) making your objection clear to viewers,"

Host:," Well, thank you for joining in with us, Sophia Garcia and Liam Middleton, and to everybody listening go to the Protest Podcasts website today, where you can see all episoides and be ready for the next Protest Podcasts episoide next week with Emma Field and Jonh Hunter, who will be sharing their protest experience will us and I'll see you their so goodbye for now!

Hope you enjoyed my Final Piece post. It is only a podcast scrip (which you could try out at home) because I didn't know how to make the podcast.


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