My protest podcast script

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"Today we look into protest and why or how they started. We are also going to be looking over how different countries deal with protest with our special guest.". "Protest are one of the ways that humans can tell our governments what is wanted and what is not.” “I will be discussing now how countries deal with protest with one of our guests warm_statement.”

“Thank you for having me Mark, I think that some countries have made it unfair because in some countries you have to apply to protest which does not sound as bad as some of the other ways countries do it. In some countries you can be arrested for protests and spend time in jail for up to ten years.”

“The most recent protests have been about climate change, BLM and other protests inside Chile and Nigeria. Climate change has been one of the biggest protest points of 2020 they have had so much recognition over the months that they have millions of people around the world protesting in their countries.”

“Russia is one of those countries where if you protest you will have consequences like going to prison for ten years. In Nigeria people are protesting for democracy in their country. So many people are getting killed but they are not going to stop until they have what they want.”

“And that’s all we’ve got time for here please join us again next week where we will answer all your question.” “Goodbye.”

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