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Host: Welcome and today we are going to be discussing the big question. Is protesting affective? Let's meet our guests.

Molly: Hello I am Molly I am 20 and I live in Lightwater Surrey and I think that protesting is affective because it gives people a voice.

Ben: Hello I am Ben I am 32 and I live in Manchester. I don't agree with protesting because due to the current situation I think people should be saying at home.

Host: Hello Molly and Ben. Molly when you said that protesting gives people a voice can you expand on that.

Molly: Protesting gives people a voice because it's telling people what they believe and what they think is right.

Host: Do you agree with all protests? Even the violent ones.

Molly: No I don't agree with any violent protests I don't think there is any excuse for a protest to ever ge violent. However, I am aware of that some of that some of the protests were violent but 93% of the protests were peaceful its just that the media mainly focused on the violent parts.

Host: There were some very good points you raised there Molly thank you. Ben is there any other reasons why you don't think people should be protesting.

Ben: Yes there is Other ways that I think protesting should not be done at the moment. I don't think it should be done at the moment because of coronavirus because normally when you are protesting you are normally with a massive group of people therefore you will not be able to social distance. My second reason is that if people are doing a march and they are protesting on the road it will make it hard for people to drive down there to get to work. My final point is that if people protest near houses if they are really loud for example they are chanting they could disturb adults trying to work from home or children trying to do their home learning.

Host: Goinag back to your first point do you think that people should be punished if they protest at the moment as they are breaking lockdown rule.

Ben: I think they should be punished because most protests people go closer to each other than two metres apart and protests are also normally with more than one person doing it and its not fair if we have a party outside and get fined but protesters don't.

Host: Thank you to both of you for joining me today.

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