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Host; Hello, I am enterprising_night and I am your host for this podcast. Today we have two guests discussing: “Do protest work?”. There names are Miley and Leo. Miley can you tell us your opinion on: “Do protests work?”

Miley; Hi! I am Miley and I am 13 years old. I believe that protests do work, here is why. Since the black lives matter movement, so many laws have been changed to stop police brutality and millions of people came together to stand up for all those people who felt like they didn’t belong.

Host; Leo what about your opinion?

Leo; I don’t think that protests work that well because not everywhere in America (and other countries affected) has those laws in place. Also, the protest in Belarus did not change anything, as Alexander Lukashenko is still in charge.

Miley; That is true but protests are still going on which means the situation could change in the future.

Host; What about the extinction rebellion protest?

Miley; The extinction rebellion protests worked very well! The UK Government has now made environment matters one of the top priorities. The protests were not violent too, blocking the roads isn’t very popular at the moment which means that we will have more peaceful protests about this subject.

Leo; I disagree with you Miley; Greta Thunberg encouraged children to not go to school and protest instead, this could get children hurt and they are missing out on doing work. I know that couldn’t happen now but once things are back to normal I predict that Greta will try and do it again.

Host; Wow! You both have such good opinions. Do you think that protests should be online?

Miley; Yes, during this time we can’t go out and I think that it would be a good idea for people to express their feelings about something online.

Leo; I agree with Miley, it would be much safer to do things at home.

Host; Thank you Miley and Leo for telling us your opinions.

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  • avatar.jpg EXPERT: Jennifer Wilkinson, Forensic People Manager @ KPMG
    09 Feb 2021

    Thanks enterprising_night for setting out some of the arguments for and against protest so clearly.

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