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Hero Protest

Hello, my name is Hugh Question and this is the huge question*Du nu nu nu nuuuuu* In todays episode we will be facing the question of protests and do they work? We have been graced with the opurtunity to meet two experts on the matter: Daniel positeevo and Richard Negatov. Let us start with Daniel, Hello Daniel.

D. Hello, Hugh

H. Today we are discussing protests, you are experienced in this sort o debate are you not?

D. I dabble in the subject.

H. So what can you tell us about protests?

D. I can tell you that true protests are always for reasons and are never just blind anger.

H. Even riots?

D. Riot are simply what happens when protesters get too enthusiastic in what there doing or the police engage in brutality with them.

H. You still belive protests are good despite what the press say about them?

D. The press don't often show the whole story or exagerate minor damage protests have done?

H. what about the one with Donald Trump?

D. That is what I call a False or angry protest, while yes the protesters had a reason to riot but it was only for Trumps selfish gain unlike a true protest that is for the world or small portions of it.

H. thank you for that enlightening segment,goodbye and thank you for your time. Now let us move onto our next guest Mr Richard Negatov, hello Richard how are you.

R. I'm doing as well as I can.

H. you are an expert on protests yes or no?

R. You could say so.

H. So what can you tell us about protests?

R. I can tell you that they are a nuiscance and a menace to society.

H. So what is it that you despise so deeply about protests?

R. The fact that they are doing so much damage that people have to pay for that the government could use to fix the

thing their protesting about!

H. What else can you tell us about protests?

R. I can tell you that however righteous their cause may seem they are doing it for their own selfish gain.

H. Thank you for that insightful section good bye and thank you for your time, That leaves with only one question: what do YOU think we'd love to hear what you say, this is Hugh Question signing off.

stay safe now crafty_papaya (all characters in this post are fictional any reference to persons alive or dead is purely coincidentall)

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