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Hero Protest

Hello i am extrordinary_dinosaur, this is my podcast. Hope you like it!

Host: Welcome to today's podcast, 'protest, does it work?' Here are our guests.

Guest 1: Hello, my name is Matilda and i am 10 years old. Personally, I agree with protests. When there is something bad or wrong in the world we should be able to express our opinions and make a change.

Guest 2: Hi, I'm Isaak. I am 11 and i disagree with protests. I disagree because vandalism, breaking the law and hurting people is not a way to get our opinions across. There should be another way to get your opinion heard.

Host: Isaak and Matilda both have very strong points by the looks of things. So matilda, what do you think of the comment Isaak stated. ' vandalism, breaking the law and hurting people is not a way to get our opinions across.'

Guest 1: Well i think that is false, protests are not just viloence. They are calm gatherings or marches of people fighting for what is right.

Guest 2: That is true yet you say protests are not JUST viloence, that informs that there is still ilegal matters involved. Even if it is a tiny matter, it is still wrong.

Guest 1: Say for instance, you were getting treated worse and getting hurt just because someting is a tiny bit different about you. You can't look at me in the eye and say you wouldn't get a bit protective and viloent without lying to me.

Host: Great opinions all around. Could you both give me one protest that has been in the news before? What was the affect?

Guest 2: Protests in Belarus. The aim of this protest was to get rid of President Alexzander Lukashenko and to have a fair election. It was the most anti-government protest in history. This did not work, Alexzander is still the President and the government ingnored the protesters demand of a fair election.

Guest 1: End Sars protest. This protest was to end SARS brutality. Many lifes were taken and people got assulted by the SARS. During the protest, people from all over the world donated to this protest. This protest was more of an online protest so even though they were protesting over a brutality they did not get viloent them self. Now the brutality has dialed down a lot and the protest was successful.

Host: Keep it going! Isaak, if there were no ilegal matters involved with protests would you think they work? Also Matilda, If there was more viloence involved with protests would you change your mind? Why?

Guest 2: I would change my mind but the thing is saying what if is different to facibg reality. So in conclusion I disagree with protests.

Guest 1: I wouldn't change my mind because we need to fight for what is right no matter what we do to achieve our goal of piece and equality.

Host: We gave had loads of great reasons and opinions. I'm afraid to say that's all for ' Protest, does it work.' See you next time!

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