My Final Piece - Does protest work?

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In case we stumbled on words and was hard to hear, here is the script.

Host: Greetings welcome to the Your Voice Matters podcast with the big question ‘Does protest work?’ Today, we will be chatting to a few young students from Leicester School. First up, we have 12-year-old Madylin with her opinions on protest, Maddie, how are you?

Madylin: I'm good thank you, how are you?

Host: I'm great thanks, now, we want to know what your opinions are on protests.

Maddie: I entirely agree with protests as it is a platform for people of all age to go and express what they feel matters in the world, whether it affects everyone or maybe even just a small town. I believe that change needs to be made and to do that we must stand up for what we believe is right.

Host: Yes, you said about the issue being able to only affect a small town and still matter, would that mean less people would join in the less people it affects?

Maddie: Indeed, it would but the more powerful you make your protest, the more you really try to make a difference, the more it will stand out and more people will join.

Host: Great thank you Maddie, we’ll catch up with you in a couple of minutes to discuss a bit more about the topic. Next though, we have 10-year-old Josh with his views and opinion on protests. Josh how are you today?

Josh: I’m great thank you!

Host: Lovely to hear, now what are your thoughts about protests, do you agree with them?

Josh: Previously I was for protests but now I have changed my mind due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

Host: Could you expand on your reasoning there? What is it about the pandemic that has made you change your mind?

Josh: Sorry, yes. Protests as we know it, can come in many forms, you have marches, riots, civil disobedience, which is when you break the law or are doing something harmful against a system, you also have silent protests and many more, but the majority of these involve being very close together, breaking many COVID-19 guidelines, also, it clear that people will do anything for their freedom so they will easily protest without PPE if they feel like it. This is a huge problem, because the only difference that they are making, is the loss of lives due to the recklessness behavior they show towards the government's safety protocols.

Host: Wow, it is clear you feel very strongly about this, I’m looking forwards to talking to you again later but for now, let's hear a little bit more from Maddie. Hello again Maddie, let's have a think about some protests that you feel are working. Why do you think that, and who agrees with you?

Maddie: Umm... a protest that I strongly feel is working and taking an effect on many people would have to be the BLM or Black Lives Matter protests. I think this because so many people are fighting for that cause and for that freedom that others are missing. The BLM protests have huge amounts of people affected by it, 13% of American citizens are black and then you have others who are white that protest which is another bunch of people added on. That may not seem like a lot but, when around half a million people are protesting in the streets of America, it seems much larger. And that is only in that one country, many more people around the world, in either of the races, protest in the streets every day for black rights. I am sure so many more people agree with this but just don't protest for either legal reasons safety reasons or COVID-19.

Host: Thank you Maddie! Now back to josh. Josh, its lovely to see you again now, think about a protest that you think isn’t working and why is that! Do you think anyone agrees with you?

Josh: A protest that I know isn't working very well at all has got to be the protests in Belarus. Since august 2020, when the presidential election happened in Belarus, thousands and thousands of people have been protesting to get a rid of President Alexander Lukashenko. Though he won the election by 80%, it was believed to be fraud, this may be to do with why so many of the opposing candidates were arrested during the campaigns. I'm not sure if anyone would agree with me here but it sure isn't working out very well for these protesters in Belarus.

Host: Lovely! I agree with you their Josh I don’t think the protests are doing anything! Now, both of you, I have one more question. DOES PROTEST WORK?

Maddie: Yes-

Josh: Yes. Even though I don't agree with it, it still makes a huge impact that I can’t deny! Protests have also been around for years and years, way before 1968 after the Vietnamese war, and so many more before that.

Maddie: I agree! Protest have changed so much and without them, who knows where we would be in life!

Host: Thank you so much for your time you two. And for you – I'll see you next time on the show!

Thank you for either reading or watching:) poetic_passionfuit

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