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Host: Hello and welcome back to our weekly podcast. Today we are going to be focusing on the big question: protest does it work. Today we have too guests with us and I will let then introduce them selves.

Guest 1: Hello my name is Jen and I live in Cornwall England. Today I am going to be stating that I agree with protests and that they do work if done right for the right reasons.

Guest 2: Hi my name is Mike and I also live in Cornwall England. Today I will be saying that I do not agree with protests and they do not work because they often lead to trouble.

Host: Ok thank you Jen and Mike. So Jen why do you agree with protests and that they do work.

Guest 1: Thank you. I agree that a protest does work because from all the news articles I have read about protests I have seen that they have worked. For example the protest in Chile about the cost living and the Climate Change protest by children and young people started by Greta Thunberg worked because they were well organised and peaceful and raised a lot of interest across the world.

Host: Ok thank you Jen and now what about you Mike.

Guest 2: Thanks. My opinion is that protests do not work because the TV coverage and news I have watched shows that often protests such as the black lives matter and Washington protests were taken over by violent people. The important message of the black lives matter protest was lost in all the trouble caused by the protest.

Host: Thank you Mike. Thank you so much both of you for coming here today it has been great bye.

Guest 1: Bye.

Guest 2: Goodbye.

Host: So that is it from me today join in next week for more. Goodbye.

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