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Hello, here is the link to my podcast:

In case the link doesn't work, here is the main script:

“Hello, this podcast is all about- Protest! Along with me are two people, each with different views. I’ll introduce you to them. Our first guest is Trita, who is arguing for protests.

Trita- What message do you think protests are trying to communicate?”

“Well, I think that protests are a lovely way to get your voice heard, and many people are all using their time very efficiently, protesting and changing the way things are done. The point is that protests are mainly to change a thing. Groups such as Extinction Rebellion and BLM are all trying to change something that is important to them, climate change and racism. There are loads of protests going on, virtually and in person, and I think that they are trying to tell us to change how we go about. I mean, loads of protests are gaining more support, until they finally get what they want. Protestors want to change the inequality and state of the world in general, to be better.”

“Great answer, Trita! Our next question is one often disputed about around the world. Do you think that protest works?”

“I think that protest does work. There are loads of examples, but here is one key one- The protests in Chile. Now, the government has already took a poll about whether people didn’t want the taxes to remain as hard for poor people to cope with. The majority said yes, and now their issues are being dealt with by people chosen by the public. The protestors don’t have anything to protest about anymore, so now they stopped. That basically means the protests are done now, doesn’t it? If the news supports it, and the people want to go with it, then unless for special purposes why not go ahead and make their lives better?”

“Interesting questions, Trita. Now, we’ll be moving on to Cherise, who is protesting against protest. Hello, Cherise- your questions will be the same.

What message do you think protests are trying to communicate?”

“I think that protests are trying to communicate quite pointless images. I mean, really all they do is mess up with other people’s daily lives. I can’t think of any message they are trying to give, and some protests just cause a load of chaos and destruction in their wake. Sometimes, they protest for no reason at all, and just do it for the disorder that takes place. Rarely they do it for the right reason. If you think about last November, Extinction Rebellion just ruined the moment of Remembrance day!”

“Those were some very strong answers, Cherise! And finally-

Do you think that protest works?”

“I don’t really think that protest works, as people are literally dying because of them. George Floyd, for example. In Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko is still in office, and not much has changed. Another one would be the end SARS protest, in which the government isn’t really doing anything to stop the police brutality. What if the news stations don’t follow the protest? Then, the protest probably wouldn’t work, as loads of people are reliant on the news. And what if the protestors do something inconsiderate and quite dumb? That would lead there to be way less supporters.”

“Thank you for listening to our podcast, we’ll now head back to studio. Bye!”

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