Is Protesting the right way to get your voice heard..?

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Of course there have have been some protests that have worked and some protests that just..didn't turn out right. I am going to give a few examples and at the end I'm going to say my opinion if protesting is the right way to get your voice heard.

Anti- Lockdown

In this protest, People were protesting because they didn't like the fact that they were meant to stay at home and wear a mask whenever they want to go out. In my opinion this wasn't a really good protest because all the demand for people to wear masks and to stay at home was to protect people's lives from Covid-19 but the protest didn't really have any impact.


What happened here, is that people in Nigeria wanted to end SARS because SARS kept on killing innocent people and harrassing them. They were so corrupt that people in Nigeria were protesting to the government so they could end SARS. Soldiers in Nigeria would then attack the protesters during the night but at the end, their protesting wasn't a waste instead it was a success! The government later decided to end SARS and now the government in Nigeria is investigating the death of 8 people killed by the soldiers.


Syria is no longer a peaceful place and I will tell you why...

According to a book I read about Syria, it said that the Syria war started when some schoolboys wrote something on the wall. It said ''People need the regime to change.'' The government some how knew about this and the boys were punished harshly and were tortured in prison. The people in Syria, were raging about the government's reply to the little school boys but they were already furious with their brutal government. They went on MARCHES and demonstrations and the government responded with bullets and arrests. People began to die and that's what caused a civil war.

The link between protesting and Syria is that in some countries if you protest you may get arrested or even killed. That's what might of happened in Syria. Imagine if you were protesting and you were getting arrested just because you wanted your voice heard. (The book I was talking about is ''Welcome to Nowhere by Elizabeth Laird'')


This has been a very recent protest and the whole world probably knows about the sad death of George Floyd. What happened was that a police officer killed an unarmed black man and people in America considered that many innocent black men were getting killed at the hands of the police. It then triggered people's anger and then they started protesting to stop police brutality. This protest spreaded across the world very quickly. People were protesting in all the kinds of ways Olivia and Tom talked about. Many people were taking a knee in every gathering and some sporting events around the war for 8 minutes to remember the death of George Floyd and in a support for BLM movement.

Climate Change

This Climate change protest is also a very big and important one because it is about our planet and concerns the lives of everyone. It has led to our leaders taking some actions which will reduce the impact of climate change such as Paris accord. All the countries of the world agreed to take steps to minimise waste and cut their carbon emission. So this protest has produced a positive result.


Overall, protests can happen anywhere or everywhere and I think that protesting is an example of a right way to get your voice heard IF THEY ARE PEACEFUL!

Although some of them don't work, I still think it is a kind of way to get your voice heard. In my opinion, I think it is kind of similiar to a vote because the more people who protest, the more likely it is a change is going to happen!

So to round this up, I think a protest with no violence, no guns, no bullets is a good way to get your voice heard.

Thank you for taking your time to read this!


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