Is protesting good or bad

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welcome bbc news i am Holly smith and we are going to be discussing protestin. Here with me i have two gueststo debate the wrong amds rights of protesting. Here we with guest 1 who will be sharing infomation on how protests work. So Bella would you argree or disargee on wheter a protest has worked?

There are many diffrent types of protests such as virtual activism, silent protest, civil disobedence, marching, riot, boycotting and a strike.

that is very true but which one do you think is the most viloent?

that is very tough choice but i will have to go with riots because it is mostly people disobeying law and robbing stores and breaking proptey.

do you think protesting spreads the message?

yes because in my ppinon it spreads the message and it helps people argee with you.

intresting opinon. Now we have another guest to close this debate so poppy are you for or againest protesting?

i am against protesting because if you refer back to the black lives matter protest people robbed shops and broke the law and then at the end everyone got arrested as well as people were being hurt and murded. This isnt a good way to get your message across as people always focuss on the bad and your message gets lost.

i never-thought of it that way, hoe do you think is a more posit way to protes?

i think a positive way to protest is maybe to just stick with the silent protest because it does not offend people in the way it is just your choice and you get the message out there without hurting people.

but if it is a silent protest how will people hear it?

well if it is a silent protest the best way to get people to hear it is to post about it on any onlin social media. If you post it on facebook, instagram or Twitter i garuntee most of the world will see it.

me too let me give a big thank you to bella and poppy for coming here and debating protesting thank you for listening Stay safe bye.

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    05 Feb 2021

    Thanks for sharing your Final Piece, gracious_raisin. Just a quick fact check: not all of the Black Lives Matter protests were violent - in fact, most of them were peaceful. Lots of people have the wrong idea about this because a lot of violence was shown on the news. Why do you think reporters chose to show violence rather than peaceful protests?

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    1. Hammond School logo gracious_raisin | Hammond Junior School C
      Katie @ the BNC's comment 24 May 2021

      I think the news reporters chose to show the violent protests because they are more interesting and people will whatch them more which is what the news reporters want

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