Is protesting good or bad?

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Protesting usually is used for the greater good, such as equality. Sometimes though, people can take advantage of being able to protest, and they might start protesting about how some people shouldn't be able to do something or just abuse someone because of their race.

In my opinion, the question 'Is protesting good or bad' can not be answered because it's used for both good and bad. I think protesting is usually used for good, and it should always be that way. Still, sadly it isn't always, but slowly we will work towards it because if we don't, then because of these bad protests, lives can be lost but also when someone is doing a good protest, not everyone agrees it is for the greater good, so then they try to follow them and maybe abuse them or hurt them. In conclusion, I think there is no such thing as a good or bad protest; it's always in the middle because everyone will always have different opinions.

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