Is it a good idea to protest?

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Hello, my name is protective_dusk, and I am here to discuss, "Is it a good idea to protest?"

At any time of the year, people can start, or join a protest. Now there are many reasons why people can join protests, some can do it so they can get their voice heard, some can do it as they want a particular rule changed, and some people just join it for fun. But would it be a sensible idea to join? I am going to list some ideas on why it is a good idea to join, and a bad idea to join.

I will first start of with the bad ideas to join a protest:

1. If you join a violent type of protest, the police could harm you if they think you are doing the wrong thing.

2. People could disagree with your opinion, therefore leading to big fights and clashes.

3. If you are a celebrity, or a famous person, and went into a protest, you would get people coming up to you if you did not want that, and people might be rude to you.

4. It can get very noisy, and very crowded ( It depends what type of protest it is.)

Now I will go onto the good ideas of joining a protest:

1. You could change how the country should be run, and you could agree with other people's ideas.

2. You can join if you want to get your voice heard.

3. You can agree and disagree with other people's ideas. A bit like a debate.

I hope you enjoyed reading my burnet news club post.

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