Interview: 'Does protest work?' (Final Piece)

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Hiya! I'm back again with another interview but this time it won't be about automation, I will be interviewing people about what they think about the big question... ''Does Protest work?'' But first... What is Protest? I am going to give a few examples of protests like:


What happened here, is that people in Nigeria wanted to end SARS because SARS kept on killing innocent people and harrassing them. They were so corrupt that people in Nigeria were protesting to the government so they could end SARS. Soldiers in Nigeria would then attack the protesters during the night but at the end, their protesting wasn't a waste instead it was a success! The government later decided to end SARS and now the government in Nigeria is investigating the death of the 8 people killed by the soldiers.


This has been a very recent protest and the whole world probably knows about the sad death of George Floyd. What happened was that a police officer killed an unarmed black man and people in America considered that many innocent black men were getting killed at the hands of the police. It then triggered people's anger and then they started protesting to stop police brutality. This protest spreaded across the world very quickly. People were protesting in all the kinds of ways Olivia and Tom talked about. Many people were taking a knee in every gathering and some sporting events around the war for 8 minutes to remember the death of George Floyd and in a support for BLM movement.

Climate Change

This Climate change protest is also a very big and important one because it is about our planet and concerns the lives of everyone. The problem could grow and grow and whole world could change forever! The quality of the air is getting poorer, there is less fresh water to go round, the forests are being chopped down, The population of fish are getting fewer and fewer everyday. These are problems on a large scale and the world is changing quite rapidly.

So we are her with out first Guest, Emily Hotch and she will explain what protest is.

''Hi, I am Emily and I am 18 years old.'' ''Protest is when you do an action to show your disaproval or support for something.''

Good Answer Emily! Can you please explain if you think protest works and which ones are the most successful?

''Um... I think that protest does work but it can take long to work.'' ''I think some can happen quicker than others such as the ''End Sars'' protest that you have nicely explained but It didn't last for very long.'' ''I think it lasted for around one month but the problem was ended quickly.'' ''I think boycotts are the most successful but that is just my opinion.'' ''I think any protest that doesnt include violence are the most successful because violence is not the key to having a near to perfect world'' '' I think anybody who doesn't like fighting and loves peace would agree with me.''

'Those are some good points Emily! Thanks for joining us today!

I am back with another person, who disagrees with Emily! Let's hear his reasons!

''Hi, I am Flin and I think protests doesn't work.'' ''In my opinion, I think protest is a waste of time because they don't make a difference.'' ''Just take a look at the BLM movement.'' ''Some people might think racism is always gonna be on this earth .'' '

Interesting point of view Flin!

Thanks for coming and Have a good day!

Let us see out final person for today!

''Good evening everyone.'' ''I am Lola and I am 9 years old.'' '' I may be young but I still know a lot.'' ''I think protests do work but they take time.'' ''Babies couldn't walk in a day.'' ''It takes time. We need to take little steps.'' ''Nothing bi can happen in a day, It all takes time especially changes that could change our lives forever.''

Nice one Lola! I loved your points!

I hope you enjoyed being interviewed! Have a great day Lola!

I hope you enjoyed my final piece everyone!


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