How long do protests last?

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I think protests do work but they take time to work. It can take years and years before a protest works. People want a change to happen as fast as possible but.. things take time. People think since a change is not happening now, the change is never going to happen so that's when they take it to another level and start to fight. Just because a change is not happening now, doesn't mean that it's never going to happen.

Are there some cases where changes need to happen fast?

I think everything takes little steps, there have been some protests that have taken half a decade to work. There are some changes that we need urgently but nothing can happen in one day. It all takes steps. A baby couldn't walk in one day. It begins to crawl, then it walks then before you know it, It will be able to run! In my opinion, its just like protesting. A huge change can't happen in one day. Especially if it is an essential change that could change our lives forever.

How long do violent protests last?

I think that nothing lasts forever. When a violent protest breaks out, eventually, the police will come and sort everything out. Just like the Capital Hill protest in America. To be honest, I think a violent protest shouldn't even last for even a second. It is really wrong and not thoughtful.

Overall, I think that good changes take time and that protesters just want the change to happen really quickly but I can guarantee you that things don't happen as fast as you want it to happen and just because it is not happening now, doesn't mean it can't happen in the future.

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