How are you meant to plan a protest in the right way

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A few days ago, I was going to open a burnet news club post about Protest and I thought to myself if protests are allowed then how are you meant to organise a protest in the right way

well I went to research more about this and one post popped up and it said planning your protest I read through it and they gave six good examples of how to plan a protest properly I will go through all the different steps that they have put that and talk about them

1. your protest should be on an important issue and it should have different methods to create a change

I was confused reading this but then I gradually came up and I understood it basically what they mean is that if you're trying to plan a protest number one you should be on a very important issue and not something stupid for example I'm protesting because my chips were cold at the restaurant that's not a good enough reason but a good enough reason could be. Oh are young man was killed for doing nothing that he didn't do when I was someone else I understand that people would be really upset by that and that could be a good enough reason

2.Decide on the time and the place you'll be protesting

I find this really quite stupid and funny in a way because protesters usually protest on any where they can find for example they would protest on the road that they didn't even before or even on a park or anywhere they can find space this is just what I think but if you disagree with me or at this point is not right please tell me so I can note it down! publicize your protest

In general I don't understand the word so I'm just guessing that this point could just mean that you find people that agree with your point and they join your protest so that I become bigger and bigger and bigger do you have a full protest army then the process might turn out successful or might not turn that successful.

4.To make a visual impact

I asked my dad about this point because I was really confused what it meant and he said that the point of making a visual impact is to make others think of what you think to tell others that all the situation isn't right and it needs to be dealt with how could someone do this this is not right I agreed on this point very strongly because imaine if someone just came up to you and said oh join my proest now it ery important and doesnt tell you hw the protest isnt important then you know you would feel weird and uncomfrtble and then imagine if the protest is just because they didnt get good service at a resturant then you know you would feel humiliated.

5. Be vocal. ...

after researching on this I found out that this basically means that you have to be loud you can't be quiet and expect a process to work what was the point be in that? To be vocal you need to be proud you need to stand up to yourself and say in any situation or any time if something is not right it is not right you cannot stay quiet and expect your protest to work no one will hear your voice therefore no one will make a change. This is why I agree with this point

6. Document your event and have fun.

With this one I was reading it and I thought to myself well this might not be right to in some cases such as imagine if someone is protesting on a very important situation they might not want to have fun they might want to be serious to show you something which means I'm not here to do it for fun I'm here to do it for a reason for there to be a change in the world and to be honest if I was making a protest myself I wouldn't like to go and make a protest just for fun I wouldn't want to make a protest Just for someone to not even listen to what I want to change in the world I would go out there and use my voice I wanna go out then so I'll be doing this for fun but we also want to know I would go there directly and use my voice so my voice is heard.

so this is the proper way to organize a protest!

I have a question to ask and I would like the gurney news club to answer it and my question is

apparently I was reading a book and I came across this fact and it said that to make a process work you need around 3/5 of people to make a process work so do you think that is incorrect or that is correct because 3/5 as a percentage would be 60% so imagine 60% of the state protesting because of something like wouldn't it be 80%?

hope you can answer that question BNC


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