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Hi I am authentic earth and I will be sharing my written podcast today.

Good afternoon everyone welcome back o this afternoon's podcast. Today we have with us Miley smiths; a famous influencer and Jordan Garcia; a teacher from a nearby school. We will be debating, interviewing and sharing our opinions with our guests.

First of all, I will let our guests introduce themselves.

Hi, as you already know I am Miley Smiths and I am 27 years old. I grew up in a small town near bristol with my parents and my two youner sisters. Growing up I had a few friends but my two bestfriends were black african american. I had to see them after school because of al the racisim in the world. And well I saw how people were being racist to them and bullied them, which really upset me. There was a point where those kids started to bully me for hanging out with my friends. It got so serious that we had to move schools once. But that experience made me who I am.

Hello, I am Jordan Garcia, a 35 year old theacher. I was born in oxford, and lived with my mom and auntie in a flat. As a kid I did see lots of rascisim in my neighbour hood, but unlike Miley I never got to experience it. Being raised in a white family back in the 90's, was glourious, since unfortunately, white people had more privileges than other skin colurs. I always wondered why we black and white people had to go to different schools when I was a child. Since then I have supported protest and things like black lives matter and I always will.

My first question is for Miley, Do you think protest is a good thing or not?

Honestly, I think that protes is a good thing because is a way to share our opinons and thoughts, and change other people's opinions. Protest plays an important role in each of our lives because as it can change other people thoughts and opinions it can change our actions/ lives.

Next question goes to Jordan, Do you think peeople in the future will still teach children about protest and black history etc?

Truthfully, I think people in the future won't teach kids about protest and things like black lives matter because they will want to hide all of these things. The goverment will probably fine teachers if they do. The truth hurts sometimes.

I will like to say some thing if that's okay with April and Jordan. I think people in the future will teach kids about protest etc. Because they sadly know that it's the truth and they can't hide it. So people will teach so it can hopefully change the future.

You are both right Miley and Jordan, but the real question is should protest be banned? Lets start of with Miley.

I think all the protest that are harmfull should be banned . On the other hand, protests that are safe like virtual activisim and silent protest, should be kept so there will be democracy but safely. Protests like riots and civil disobidience should be prohibited.

I agree with you.

A special thanks to our guests Miley and Jordan for today's podcast. Tune in next week for our weekly podcast.

Bye for now.

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