Does protesting work

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Some people think that protests have to be violent to work Do you? Well I don't if you do want to do a violent protest then fine they are effective but none violent ones are too.Take the Black Lives Matter protest George Floyd didn't have to die but did and that trigered a violent protest. Many quiet protests have worked like the women's suffrage parade in 1913 and Martin Luther King's march on Washington. Can you think of any none violent protests? There are different types of quiet protests like, Sit ins, Boycotts and marches. Some protests are a good idea like protesting for the inviroment but some get out of controll and you could be sent to prison and the worsed case sonario be killed like George Floyd and Martin Luther King. They both died but not in vein because they were fighting for something they thought was right. Can you think of any people that have died or gone to gail. Another really famous one is Rosa Parks who fought for her place on the bus . If you don@t want to go to gail or die then don't do a violent protest . Stick to a march or a sit in and if you want to change the world then start small like protesting for better school diners . My conclusion is that protests can be great.

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