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Host: Hello and welcome to this podcast. My name is Emma and I will be the host of the show. Today we will be looking at the question of Does Protest Work. Protest is important because it allows others to hear your voice, understand your opinions and it can also change the way we do things. We will be discussing these points and the main question in the podcast today. So, let's introduce today's guests.

Heather: Hi, my name is Heather, I am 10 and I live in Lightwater, Surrey with my parents and younger sister. I believe that protest work and are a great way to spread awareness, stand up for other people and share your opinions with the world.

Emily: Hi. My name is Emily and I am 10. I live in Sandhurst with my parents and two older brothers. I think that protest is not good and doesn't work. Protesting can be illegal and I find it horrible that things like riots and civil disobedience even exist. I believe that there are much more peaceful ways to have your voice heard.

Host: Mm. Heather, you say that protest works. Can you give examples of protests that have worked? Do protests always work?

Heather: Many protests have worked such as Extinction Rebellion - because a climate emergency has been declared - and Black Lives Matter - because everyone has heard about it. Although these protests have worked, unfortunately not all of them have.

Host: Interesting. Emily, could you give an example of a protest that you think hasn't worked? Can you explain why you think this?

Emily: Well, I think that the Protests in Belarus against President Alexander Lukashenko. I think this because lots and lots of people have been protesting for their right to vote for the president and to get rid of President Lukashenko yet nothing has changed.

Host: Yes... Heather, what do you think makes a protest successful?

Heather: I think that the size, location and peacefulness of the protest will make it successful, and also how often that protest happens. Also, if journalists and the BBC agree with and like the protest, they can really help it succeed.

Host: Agreed, the news can increase a protest's popularity greatly, but it can also decrease it. Emily, could you share how you think the news can decrease a protest's popularity? Can you also tell us the things that make a protest unsuccessful?

Emily: The news can make a protest very unpopular and make people change their views on a protest if they speak about it negatively and focus on the violent part of the protest. I believe that violence and riots in protests will get onto the news, but the news will always talk about it in a negative way so violence will always make a protest unsuccessful.

Host: The news is powerful. Heather, could you please share the protest that you think has been the most successful? And, when she's done, could you share the protest that you think has been the least successful Emily?

Heather: I think that the protest that has worked the most is Extinction Rebellion because, as I said earlier, a climate emergency has been declared.

Emily: I think that the least successful protest has been Protests in Belarus because the president they are protesting against is still in charge.

Host: Thank you. Now, to finish of the show, could you both please say who would agree with your views?

Heather: I think that the government would agree with me as long as the protest we were talking about was peaceful.

Emily: I also think the government would agree with me but only if the protest were talking about was violent or illegal.

Host: Thank you for listening to this podcast and thank you Abi and James for being here. Goodbye.

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  • katie.jpg Katie @ the BNC
    05 Feb 2021

    Wow - well done, valuable_vegetable! This podcast is highly informative and very balanced, so your listeners will leave ready to make their own minds up about protest. I have awarded you with a star for the problem-solving and creativity you have used.

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