“Does Protest Work?” Podcast (Final Piece).

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Hello and welcome to the BNC podcast! I am your host, Dedicated_Starfruit and today, I will be interviewing two new viewers so let's meet them!

Hi , I am Georgina Westwood. I am 31 years old and I live in Bristol.

Hi my name is Timothy Chamberlain. I am 54 years old and I live in London.

Host: Georgina, do you think protests work and why?

Georgina: Well I feel they certainly work because people need to realise that there are topics in the world that are not right and action should be taken.

Host: Ok thanks Georgina! What do you think Timothy?

Timothy: Protesting is hoolagonism because people are harming the environment and it causes crazy damage and riots!

Host: Ok thanks Timothy for your view. Georgina, do you feel people have a right to protest about various issues and topics?

Georgina: Yes because the protest chants matter the most. The scars you can not see are the ones that hurt the most.

Host: Timothy, how do you respond to Georgina's answer?

Timothy: People do not have a right to speak up against various things because you have got your government, you have got your democracy, you have got your monarchy, what else do you need?

Host: Georgina, how can protesting affecr our country, England?

Georgina: It can affect our nation by us making important changes such as using less cars in England so there can be no climate change and minority groups people being treated fairly and equally.

Host: Timothy, do you approve this answer from Georgina and why?

Timothy: To be honest mate, I don't believe a thing Georgina says! Protesting will not effect our country and the goals of protests are distant memories.

Host: Very reasonable answers there. Georgina can protesting affect your life in any way?

Georgina: Personally it affects my life by making me change things. For example, I won't use my car as often as I used to so I don't release any toxic fumes into the air and I will treat all people fairly.

Host: What have you got to say to this Timothy?

Timothy: Well, people in minority groups were not being hurt by the police and nobody was fussed about climate change. No protest will achieve it's goal and protests will not affect my life and that is final!

Host: Strong words from the two of you, but thank you for both being on our podcast today. Tommorow, we will have two new people but until then, It's goodbye from me, Dedicated_Starfruit, goodbye.

By Dedicated_Starfruit😉.

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