Does Protest Work?

Protest can work and also can't. It works and doesn't work and now I am going to explain why.

Protest works at times when there is a problem which is not helpful and doesn't do any good. Let's take an example when someone is building some huge flat just for luxury and has to use up half of the park's greenery. Some people will think that it is not a good idea to do this and therefore want people to reconsider their opinions. If we are on the side against, we will think of the reasons such as it is harmful to nature, causes polution and even though we are the ones causing this, we are the ones who is going to be harmed as there won't be enough oxygen for us all to breathe into our lungs.

However, in the other hand, protest can't work. If you take the example when there was a protest, which Donald Trump had said to commence, had murder and harm in it. This was not helpful and this protest however didn't work in the end as Donald Trump was nearing to the last days os being a presiden before Joe Biden.

These are my for and against reasons that explains whether protest works or not.

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