Does Protest Work?

Featured Image: Protest 3

Many people believe that protest can make a matter worse by getting people involved when they don't actually know what they are protesting for or by distrupting an area and causing havoc. Others however, believe that protest is worth the hassle and is a good thing as it is raising more awarness about a subject. This can also be a bad idea as the things those people are protesting about might be a sore or contreversial subject for some people. This is when riots break out as everyone is dying to share their opinion and want to show the protesters why they are supposedly wrong. Take BLM for example. Millions of people around the world have joined in and have taken over the news with their protest about racial equality. Some people think that BLM was a bad idea and that what happened, happened for a reason while others argue that the issue was caused because of George Floyd being a different race to the police. Although BLM is a huge protesting group, there is still people out there who don't believe that their approach to raising awareness was appropriate considering everything going on in the world aswell. Protest has made people see others' opinions and have actually made things happen about the issues. But many protests still go on to this day waiting to be solved.

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