Does protest work?

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Host: Welcome to our weekly podcast discussing current affairs. This week we will be discussing whether protests work or not. Joining me today are two children that have different oppinions on the matter, Chloe and George.

Chloe: Hello, I am Chloe, I live in Devon and I believe that protests work because they can have an impact on lots of people which is their aim and can persuade the Government to change rules.

George: Hello I am George and I live in London. I don't think that protests work because on several occasions, people have had no impact on the rules and desicions made.

Host: Now we have heard your main veiw of protests, are there any examples of protests that have made you think this way?

Chloe: I think that the black lives matter protest to stop biased opinions when it comes to black people was very effective because rules have been put in place to stop things like that from happening and people are way more aware of the cause then they were before.

George: I agree that some protests have changed rules however the protests in Belarus to have a fair election and re-elect the president have not worked because the current president is still in power so that protest didn't work.

Host: We have used this word a little already. What makes a protest 'effective', Chloe?

Chloe: I think that if a protests size is large then you have a good chance of it reaching more people. Also, if you have a piece of evidence to explain why you are protesting then you will have more people beleiving in you.

Host: Now George's turn, what makes a protest less effective?

George: If the news gets hold of a protest and chooses to talk about the bad aspects of that protest, such as rioting, and didn't speak about the calm parts of it, such as marches, then it would make people not protesting believe that all people that believe in a certain concept like to riot. This would not be good.

Host: Finally, what kind of protest is most and least effective?

Chloe: I think that a march is most effective because usually lots of people join them and a march is most likely to be the only positive form of a protest in the news.

George:I think that the least effective protest is a virtual protest because it is easy to ignore and some people don't access the internet much.

Host: Well I think that you have heard two worthy expalanations to whether protests work or not so with that I shall say goodbye.

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