Does Protest Work???

Featured Image: Protest 1

PC Luther is Guest 1 and Livy is Guest 2.

Host: Hello and welcome to today’s podcast; today we will attempt to answer the important question on most of our plates - ‘Does protest work’.

Host: We will be focusing on the protest Black Lives Matter. Joining us today - our special guests: Livy a black woman and PC Luther a London police officer.

Host: “So PC Luther do Black lives matter?”

Guest 1 – “Yes I feel at this time particularly black lives matter as they are risking their lives just to be heard and for change to happen.”

Host: “Livy, on a scale of one to ten where do you think the success of the black lives matter protest stands?”

Guest 2 – “I think the success of the black lives matter protest is a five as the protest is still happening but also there is a big impact it has made yet their goal is not fulfilled.

Host: interesting answers from both sides, now George if you were a person of colour and wanted to join the protest Black Lives Matter would you and Why do police kill innocent black people when they are supposed to protect them?”

Guest 1 – “I would not as I would not want to cause trouble and chaos but if I still wanted to participate I would do virtual activism and some of us are scared because take a country like America there is easy access to guns and they think that they have a gun in their hand so that’s why they kill them.” ‘and unlike the other officers I will not kill or hurt a person of colour.”

Host: “Livy If things changed do you think it would become Political?

Guest 2 – “Yes as over time the protest would become larger and soon get involved in politics as a global crisis.”

Host: “Good responses sadly this is the end of the podcast hope you enjoyed it see you all next time Good bye!” 😂

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